People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Bishops of Dunkeld (H2/6)

This SNA visualization shows witnesses to the charters of the bishops of Dunkeld. This study included 45 documents of the bishops of Dunkeld, all charters strictly defined, dating to before 1286. Agreements and settlements including bishops of Dunkeld were not included.

There are 166 witnesses in this Gephi sociogram connected by 1287 edges.

Node and label size are adjusted according to eigenvector centrality.

The following table shows the ten witnesses with the highest eigenvector centrality in the study:

Henry, archdeacon of Dunkeld (fl.1183x1203-1220x25)77100%
Eugene or Ewen, clerk, persona of Clunie6282.4%
Bernard, chaplain of Cargill5280.3%
John of Heiton, precentor of Moray (d.1249x635878.1%
Ralph, chaplain of bishops of Dunkeld6064.9%
Robert de Raperlaw, canon, precentor of Dunkeld5164.7%
Matthew, dean of Dunkeld (1214-36)4764.3%
Gilbert, chaplain, persona of Longforgan4863.3%
Reginald, chaplain of Bishop John of Dunkeld4661.1%
Robert, chaplain of Tibbermore4059.4%