People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Bishops of St Andrews (H2/10/)

This SNA visualization shows the witnesses to the charters of the bishops of St Andrews (H2/10) up to 1286.

Of the 194 documents in the study, 192 are charters strictly defined and 2 are notifications. Agreements and settlements involving the bishops of St Andrews are not included in this analysis.

There are 600 witnesses expressed as nodes in this Gephi sociogram, with 8308 links between them (edges).

Node and label size are adjusted according to eigenvector centrality.

This visualization demonstrates well the chronological sweep of the database. The network is elongated, representing change over time, with people active in the reign of David I (1124-53) on the far right end, a period of more individuals and more interconnections in the later twelfth century and earlier thirteenth, and then a long ‘tail’ to the left of people from the reign of Alexander III (1249-86).


The following table shows the fifteen witnesses with the highest eigenvector centrality in the study:

PersonDegree (# co-witnesses)Eigenvector centrality
Matthew, bishop of Aberdeen (d.1199) 170100%
Andrew, archdeacon of Lothian (fl.1147x59-1178x84)16797.5%
Aiulf, dean of Lothian (fl.1150/51-1186)16396.7%
Herbert Scott, master, clerk (fl.1144x59-1172x78)14586.2%
Andrew, bishop of Caithness (d.1184)11784%
Alexander, chaplain of bishops of St Andrews (12C)16583.8%
Thorald, archdeacon of Lothian (d.1163 or 116614083%
John Scott, bishop of Dunkeld (d.1203)14381.9%
Robert, son of Saewulf, bishop's chancellor12280.1%
Duncan (II), earl of Fife (d.1204)11177.9%
Stephen, clerk (St Andrews)10376.5%
Gregory, bishop of Dunkeld (d.11699473.3%
Geoffrey, abbot of Dunfermline (d.1178)8771.1%
Nicholas of Roxburgh, chancellor (d.1171?)9970.3%
Abraham of Dunkeld, master, canon (fl.1162x78)11170.2%