People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Earls of Lennox (H3/17/)

The SNA visualization of charters dating to before 1286 in the H3/17/ series shows co-witnessing in the charters of earls of Lennox and close family members.

There are 60 documents in the study, all of them with the document type of ‘charter’. Any agreements involving the Lennox family are not included here. There are 266 persons (witnesses) in the Gephi sociogram, with 2363 edges.

Node and label size are adjusted according to eigenvector centrality.

The following table shows the five witnesses with the highest eigenvector centrality in the study:

Malcolm (Mael Coluim) Beg, son of Gillespie (Gilla Escoip) Galbraith100%121
Aulay (Amalgaid / Amlaíb), brother of Earl Máel Domnaig 85.1%113
Duncan (Donnchad), brother of Earl Máel Domnaig 77.6%91
Absalom, clerk of Earl Máel Domnaig 72.1%71
Dougal (Dubgall), brother of Earl Máel Domnaig 69.5%70