People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Stewart family (H3/547/)

This SNA visualization shows the witnesses to charters of the Stewart family up to 1286.

The study includes 74 charters, strictly defined, in H3/547. Any agreements involving the Stewarts are not included.

There are 394 people in the Gephi sociogram.

Node and label size are adjusted according to eigenvector centrality.

The following table shows the five witnesses with the highest eigenvector centrality in the study:

PersonEigenvector centralityDegree centrality
Robert Crook, knight (12C)100%111
Malcolm Lockhart (12C/13C)97.2%92
Robert of Pollok/Stenton (son of Fulbert76.2%62
Robert de Cotentin74.1%70
Alan Montgomery, knight71.2%65