People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Volume 1/

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Volume 1/ H-numbers describe royal charters of the kings and queens of Scotland, the Isle of Man, and English kings dealing with people, places, and possessions within the Kingdom of Scotland as it existed at the time of King Alexander III’s death on 19 March 1286.

Please note that charters of members of the Scottish royal family, including kings before they gained the throne, are treated separately in Volume 3/ of the calendar.

Documents of the kings of Scots dealing with their lands and rights in England, such as the Honour of Huntingdon, are not normally included in the database and are listed in a special appendix section of the calendar. Since all documents dated in Scotland are included in the database, however, a special system has been created for numbering documents dealing with non-Scottish issues but dated in Scotland. Regardless of which volume they appear in, these are ‘Series 1000’ documents, and have the number 1000 in the second position.

Please see the tables below for a further breakdown of Volume 1/ H-numbers.

Kings of Scots

1/1/Donnchad (Duncan II) (1094)
1/2/Edgar (1097-1107)
1/3/Alexander I (1107-24)
1/4/David I (1124-53)
1/5/Mael Coluim (Malcolm IV) (1153-65)
1/6/William I (1165-1214)
1/7/Alexander II (1214-49)
1/8/Alexander III (1249-86)
1/9/Unknown 13th-century kings
1/50/Guardians, 1286-92
1/51/King John (1292-6)
1/52/Guardians, 1296-1304
1/53/Robert I (1306-29)

Queens of Scots

1/10/Ermengarde de Beaumont (d. 1233)
1/11/Joan of England (d. 1238)
1/12/Margaret of England (d. 1275)

Kings of Man and the Isles

1/13/Olaf I (d. 1153)
1/14/Godred (d. 1187)
1/15/Rognvald (d. 1229)
1/16/Olaf II (d. 1237)
1/17/Harald (d. 1248)
1/18/Magnus (d. 1265)
1/19/Uncertain king of Man

Kings of England

1/20/William II (1087-1100)
1/21/Henry I (1100-35)
1/22/Stephen (1135-54)
1/23/Henry II (1154-89)
1/24/Richard I (1189-99)
1/25/John (1199-1216)
1/26/Henry III (1216-72)
1/27/Edward I (1272-1307)
1/28/Edward II (1307-27)