People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Volume 2/

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Volume 2/ H-numbers describe documents wherein the grantor or addressor is a member of the clergy, from a local parish priest all the way up to the papacy. Two-sided documents, like agreements and settlements, as well as legal proceedings of church courts, are found in volume 4/. The ecclesiastical documents break down as follows.

Scottish bishops

2/1/bishops of Aberdeen
2/2/bishops of Argyll
2/3/bishops of Brechin
2/4/bishops of Caithness
2/5/bishops of Dunblane
2/6/bishops of Dunkeld
2/7/bishops of Glasgow
2/8/bishops of Moray
2/9/bishops of Ross
2/10/bishops of St Andrews
2/11/bishops of Whithorn
2/12/unidentified bishops

English bishops

2/14/bishops of Bath & Wells
2/15/archbishops of Canterbury
2/16/bishops of Carlisle
2/17/bishops of Chichester
2/18/bishops of Coventry/ Lichfield/ Chester
2/19/bishops of Durham
2/20/bishops of Ely
2/21/bishops of Exeter
2/22/bishops of Hereford
2/23/bishops of Lincoln
2/24/bishops of London
2/25/bishops of Norwich
2/26/bishops of Rochester
2/27/bishops of Salisbury
2/28/bishops of Winchester
2/29/bishops of Worcester
2/30/archbishops of York

Cathedral Chapters and Other Secular Clerics

2/35/Chapter of Aberdeen
2/36/Chapter of Argyll
2/37/Chapter of Brechin
2/38/Chapter of Caithness
2/39/Chapter of Dunblane
2/40/Chapter of Dunkeld
2/41/Chapter of Glasgow
2/42/Chapter of Moray
2/43/Chapter of Ross
2/44/Chapter of Sodor
2/45/Other chapters
2/46/Archdeacons of Lothian
2/47/Archdeacons of St Andrews
2/48/Archdeacons of Glasgow
2/49/Archdeacons - other
2/51/Local clergy and rural deans: Glasgow diocese
2/52/Local clergy and rural deans: St Andrews diocese
2/53/Local clergy and rural deans: other Scottish dioceses
2/54/Local clergy and rural deans: English dioceses
2/55/Royal clerks
2/56/Royal chaplains
2/57/Other clerks
2/58/Other chaplains
2/60/Other secular ecclesiastics

Religious Houses: monks, nuns, and canons regular

Religious Houses: Céli Dé (Culdees)
2/61/Céli Dé of Brechin
2/62/Céli Dé of St Andrews
2/63/other Céli Dé
Religious Houses: monks and nuns
2/64/Arbroath Abbey (Tir.)
2/65/Balmerino Abbey (Cist.)
2/66/Berwick Priory (South) (Cist. nun)
2/67/Coldingham Priory (Ben.)
2/68/Coldstream Priory (Cist. nun)
2/69/Coupar Angus Abbey (Cist.)
2/70/Dundrennan Abbey (Cist.)
2/71/Dunfermline Abbey (Ben.)
2/72/Haddington Priory (Cist. nun.)
2/73Kelso Abbey (Tir.)
2/74/Kilwinning Abbey (Tir.)
2/75/Lindores Abbey (Tir.)
2/76/Isle of May Priory (Ben.)
2/77/Melrose Abbey (Cist.)
2/78/Newbattle Abbey (Cist.)
2/79/Paisley Abbey (Clun.)
2/80/Rushen Abbey (Sav./Cist.)
2/81/St Bothan’s Priory (Cist. nun)
2/82/Other Scottish and Manx monks
English religious houses
2/83/Canterbury (Ben.)
2/84/Durham (Ben.)
2/85/Finchale (Ben.)
2/86/Wenlock (Clun.)
French religious houses
2/88/La Charité-sur-Loire (Clun.)
2/89/Clairvaux (Cist.)
2/90/Cluny (Clun.)
Houses of Regular Canons (Scottish)
2/93/Dryburgh Abbey (Prem.)
2/94/Holyrood Abbey (Aug.)
2/95/Inchaffray Abbey (Aug.)
2/96/Jedburgh Abbey (Aug.)
2/97/St Andrews Cathedral Priory (Aug.)
2/98/Scone Abbey (Aug.)
2/99/Whithorn Cathedral Priory (Prem.)
English canons regular
2/101/Guisborough (Aug.)
2/102/Northampton St James (Aug.)
2/103/Gilbertine canons
Series Two (1296-1314): Additional Religious Houses
2/300/Cambuskenneth Abbey (Aug.)
2/301/Holm Cultram Abbey (Cist.)
2/302/Sweetheart Abbey (Cist.)

Friaries, Collegiate Churches, and Military Orders

2/105/Collegiate Churches
2/106/Scottish Hospitallers
2/107/Scottish Templars
2/108/English Hospitallers
2/109/English Templars


2/120/Urban II (1088 – 1099)
2/121/Paschal II (1099 – 1118)
2/122/Gelasius II (1118 – 1119)
2/123/Calixtus II (1119 – 1124)
2/124/Honorius II (1124 – 1130)
2/125/Innocent II (1130 – 1143)
2/126/Celestine II (1143 – 1144)
2/127Lucius II (1144 – 1145)
2/128/Eugenius III (1145 – 1153)
2/129/Anastasius IV (1153 – 1154)
2/130/Adrian IV (1154 – 1159)
2/131/Alexander III (1159 – 1181)
2/132/Lucius III (1181 – 1185)
2/133/Urban III (1185 – 1187)
2/134/Gregory VIII (1187)
2/135/Clement III (1187 – 1191)
2/136/Celestine III (1191 – 1198)
2/137/Innocent III (1198 – 1216)
2/138/Innocent III or IV
2/139/Honorius III (1216 – 1227)
2/140/Gregory IX (1227 – 1241)
2/141/Gregory IX or X
2/142/Celestine IV (1241)
2/143/Innocent IV (1243 – 1254)
2/144/Alexander IV (1254 – 1261)
2/145/Urban IV (1261 – 1264)
2/146/Clement IV (1265 – 1268)
2/147/Gregory X (1271 – 1276)
2/148/Innocent V (1276)
2/149/John XXI (1276 – 1277)
2/150/Nicholas III (1277 – 1280)
2/151/Nicholas III or IV
2/152/Martin IV (1281 – 1285)
2/153/Honorius IV (1285 – 1287)
2/154/Nicholas IV (1288 – 1292)
2/155/Celestine V (1294 – 1296)
2/156/ Boniface VIII (1294 – 1303)
2/157/Benedict XI (1303 – 1304)
2/158/Clement V (1305 – 1314)
2/159/John XXII (1316 – 1334)
2/160/Unknown Popes

Papal legates

2/200/Alexis, Roman sub-deacon and legate (1180)
2/201/John of Salerno, cardinal-priest of St Stephen (1201-2)
2/202/Pandulf Masca, bishop-elect of Norwich (1220)
2/203/Master James, papal penitentiary and chaplain (1221-2)
2/204/Otto, cardinal-deacon of St Nicholas (1239)
2/205/Auditors Contradictarum (1249-)