People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Volume 4/

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Volume 4/ includes two-sided documents (such as chirographs or indentures), recording agreements between two or more parties. It also includes judgements, settlements, sentences and other court decision, often by papal judges-delegates. Other records of legal proceedings are included here, such as inquests and recognitions of perambulations, as well as the records of Scottish parliaments, starting in the 1290s.

Section One: Agreements

4/1/Agreements between Scottish kings and others
4/2/Agreements between Scottish queens and others
4/3/Agreements between two or more bishops
4/4/Agreements between bishops and heads of religious houses
4/5/Agreements between bishops and hospitals
4/6/Agreements between bishops and other ecclesiastical persons
4/7/Agreements between members of secular cathedral chapters
4/8/Agreements between two or more religious houses, including cathedrals staffed by canons regular
4/9/Agreements between religious houses and secular clerics
4/10/Agreements between religious houses and hospitals
4/11/Agreements between religious houses and local churches
4/12/Agreements between religious houses and other ecclesiastical persons
4/13/Agreements between hospitals and clerics
4/14/Agreements between local clergy
4/15/Agreements between bishops and earls and countesses and their sons
4/16/Agreements between bishops and nobles and knights
4/17/Agreements between bishops and other laypeople
4/18/Agreements between cathedral chapters and laypeople
4/19/Agreements between religious houses and earls and countesses and their sons
4/20/Agreements between religious houses and nobles and knights
4/21/Agreements between religious houses and burgesses
4/22/Agreements between religious houses and other laypeople
4/23/Agreements between hospitals and laypeople
4/24/Agreements between parish churches and laypeople
4/25/Agreements between other clerics and laypeople
4/26/Agreements between two or more laypeople
4/27/Agreements between English kings and laypeople

Section Two: Settlements and Judgements

4/30/Papal legates
4/31/Papal auditors
4/32/Papal judges delegate, including agreements decided in front of PJD's
4/34/Archdeacons and officials
4/35/Heads of religious houses

Section Three: Courts, Inquests, and Perambulations

4/36/Church courts
4/37/Secular courts (inc. sheriffs and justiciars)
4/40/Perambulations of the Anglo-Scottish border

Section Four: Community of the realm

4/41/Ambassadors of the kings of Scots
4/42/'National' councils (see also acts of the Guardians in Vol. 1/)
4/50Scottish parliaments