People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Satement concerning government of kingdom of Scotland

Type of Transaction
From Source
1/26/22 (Foedera, i, I, 378)
Firm date
6 November 1258
Dating Notes
6th day of November [regnal year 43]
Teste me Ipso

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Addressor Henry III, king of England (d.1272) Rex The King 1220 × 1272
named person (transaction) Gamelin, bishop of St Andrews (d.1271) G. G., bishop of St Andrews 1242 × 1271
named person (transaction) John of Acre Johannes de Acr' John of Acre 1258 × 1258
named person (transaction) Marie de Coucy, queen of Scots (d.1284) Maria Mary the queen, wife of John 1245 × 1258
named person (transaction) Walter Comyn, earl of Menteith (d.1258) Walterus Comyn Walter Cumin, earl of Menteith 1213 × 1258
named person (transaction) Alexander Comyn, earl of Buchan (d.1289) Alexander Comyn Alexander Cumin, earl of Buchan 1237 × 1289
named person (transaction) William, earl of Mar (d.a.1281) Willielmus William, earl of Mar 1234 × 1274
named person (transaction) Alexander Stewart of Dundonald (d.1282) Alexander Alexander seneschal of Scotland 1241 × 1276
named person (transaction) Alan Durward (d.1275) Alanus Hostiarius Alan Durward 1233 × 1273
named person (transaction) Robert Menzies, chamberlain (d.1267) Robertus de Moynes Robert of Menzies 1231 × 1267
named person (transaction) Gilbert Hay (I), lord of Errol (d.1263) (son of David) Gilbertus de Haya Gilbert de Haye 1198 × 1263
named person (transaction) Alexander III, king of Scots (d.1286) Regis Scotie our son, king of Scotland 1245 × 1285
named person (transaction) Margaret, daughter of Henry III, queen of Scots (d.1275) Regine Scotie our daughter, queen of Scotland 1252 × 1270