People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Confirmation of agreement between Kelso Abbey and Robert of Kent, Robert Hunaud, Roland, son-in-law of Nicholas de Côtentin

Type of Transaction
From Source
1/6/290 (RRS, ii, no. 319)
Firm date
1 April 1190 X 1193
Probable date
circa 11/Nov/1190
Dating Notes
Departure of King Richard I and King Philip of France on Crusade (they left Vézelay on this date) × latest date at which Philip de Valognes became chamberlain; but probably around the time that the tack (or lease) was set to begin; i.e., 11 Nov. 1190
Tenendas original language
usque ad terminum triginta trium annorum peractum
Exemptions original language
saluo seruicio meo
Sicut clause
Previous mention of chirograph
to be in force from the feast of St Martin after Richard, king of England, and Philip, king of France, set off towards Jerusalem, until the term of 33 years has elapsed

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Grantor William I, king of Scots (d.1214) Willelmus William, king of Scots 1136 × 1213
Beneficiary Kelso Abbey Abbatem et Conuentum de Kelchou Abbot and Convent of Kelso 1131 × 1311
Beneficiary Robert of Kent Robertum de Kent Robert of Kent 1185 × 1219
Beneficiary Robert Hunaud Robertum Hunaud Robert Hunaud 1190 × 1190
Beneficiary Roland, son-in-law of Nicholas de Côtentin Rolandum generum Nicholai de Costentin Roland, son-in-law of Nicholas de Côtentin 1185 × 1190
named person (transaction) Richard I, king of England (d.1199) Ricardus Richard, king of England 1174 × 1189
named person (transaction) Philip II, king of France (d.1223) Philippus Philip, king of France
Sicut Clause Alan Stewart, son of Walter (d.1204) Alani filii Walteri Alan, son of Walter, steward of the king 1153 × 1202

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Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits Order
Robert, archdeacon of Glasgow (d.1222) Roberto Robert, my chaplain 1177 × 1216 1
Philip de Valognes, chamberlain (d.1215) Philippo de Valoniis Philip de Valognes 1165 × 1215 2
Malcolm (I), earl of Fife (d.1229) Malcolmo filio Comitis Dunekani Malcolm, son of Earl Duncan 1172 × 1227 3
William Comyn, earl of Buchan (d.1233) Willelmo Comyn William Cumin 1175 × 1250 4