People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Bull of confirmation of Pope Adrian IV relating to the bishopric of Aberdeen

Type of Transaction
From Source
2/130/7 (Abdn. Reg., i, 84-6)
Firm date
10 August 1157
Corroboration / sealing

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Grantor Adrian IV, pope (d.1159) Adrianus Adrian, bishop, servant of the servants of God 1155 × 1157
Beneficiary Edward, bishop of Aberdeen (d.1171) Edwardo Edward, bishop of Aberdeen 1124 × 1165
Previous landholder Philip, master Philippus Master Philip
Previous landholder Christian, priest Cristiani Christian the priest
Previous landholder Achelid Achildis Achildis

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
ABD (Aberdeenshire) church of Aberdeen ecclesiam de Aberden Aberdeen
ABD (Aberdeenshire) church of St Machar ecclesiam sancti Machorii Old Aberdeen
ABD Old Aberdeen (villa of) totam uillam ueteris Aberdon Old Aberdeen
ABD (Aberdeenshire) half of the river Don (aquam de North) dimidiam aquam de North Aberdeen
ABD (Aberdeenshire) Petenderleyn Petferlane Aberdeen
ABD (Aberdeenshire) Ardonachyn Ardunachyn Aberdeen
ABD (Aberdeenshire) Ardschelly Ardshalty Aberdeen
ABD Sclattie Slatyne Sclattie
ABD Goval Gouyle Goval
ABD Petsprottis Petproc Petsprottis (Grandhome?)
ABD Murcar Murcrod Murcar
ABD Tillygreig Gouyl [for Tillygreig] Tillygreig
ABD Kinmundy Kynmonedy Kinmundy
ABD Mameulah Malmeulach Mameulah
ABD (Aberdeenshire) church of St Nicholas ecclesiam sancti Nicholai de Aberden Aberdeen
ABD Rayne uillam de Rane Rayne
ABD Clatt Clatt Clatt
ABD (Aberdeenshire) church of Clatt ecclesiam [de Clatt] Clatt
ABD Tullynessle ...estyn Tullynessle
ABD (Aberdeenshire) church of Tullynessle ecclesia [de ... estyn] Tullynessle
ABD (Aberdeenshire) church of Clova monasterium de Cloueth Clova
BNF Mortlach uillam de Murthlach Mortlach
BNF (Banffshire) monastery of Mortlach moansterium de Murthlach Mortlach
ABD (Aberdeenshire) church of Rayne ecclesia de Rane Rayne
ABD (Aberdeenshire) church of Daviot ecclesiam de Dauyoth Daviot
ABD (Aberdeenshire) church of Auchterless ecclesiam de Ouchtirlis Auchterless
ABD (Aberdeenshire) church of Invercruden ecclesiam de Crudan Cruden
ABD (Aberdeenshire) church of Belhelvie ecclesiam de Balheluy Belhelvie
ABD (Aberdeenshire) church of Birse ecclesiam de Brass Birse
ABD (Aberdeenshire) church of Drumoak ecclesiam de Dalmayak Drumoak
KCD (Kincardineshire) church of Banchory-Devenick ecclesiam de Banchorydeueny Banchory-Devenick
ABD Ellon in Buchan terram de Elone Ellon in Buchan
ABD Fetternear uillam de Fethirner Fetternear
ABD (Aberdeenshire) church of Fetternear ecclesiam [de Fethirner] Fetternear
ABD (Aberdeenshire) villa which belonged to Christian (or Bastian) uillam que fuit Cristiani presbiteri Unmapped (ABD)
ABD (Aberdeenshire) villa that belonged to Achildis beside Aberdeen uillam que fuit Achildis secus Aberden Aberdeen

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
ABD (Aberdeenshire) teind of fishery of Cruives decimam piscarie de Ardyse Aberdeen
ABD (Aberdeenshire) teind of mill of Aberdeen decimam molendini Aberdonensis Aberdeen
ABD (Aberdeenshire) teind of the cain of ships which land at Aberdeen decimam de chane nauium que illuc uenerint Aberdeen
ABD (Aberdeenshire) one net in South water, and the teind of fish caught there cum uno rethe in Suth aqua et totam decimam piscium qui ibi capiuntur Aberdeen
ABD (Aberdeenshire) teind of grain totam decimam annone in eodem loco Aberdeen
ABD (Aberdeenshire) teind of fish caught in stake-nets totam decimam piscium qui capiuntur in Stellis Aberdeen
ABD (Aberdeenshire) teinds of Beidlieston decimam de Baldebyniston annone et piscium Beidlieston
ABD (Aberdeenshire) teind of Pitfodels decimam de Badfothal Pitfodels
ABD (Aberdeenshire) the whole of the king's teind of the burgh of Aberdeen totam decimam Regis de burgo Aberdonensi Burgh of Aberdeen
ABD (Aberdeenshire) teinds between Dee and Spey decimam eorum que sunt inter duas aquas que Dee et Spey uocantur Unmapped (ABD)

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
Protection of St Peter and the Pope Protection of St Peter and the Pope