People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Gift of Kings David and Malcolm IV

Type of Transaction
From Source
2/135/2 (St A. Lib., 67-71)

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Grantor David I, king of Scots (d.1153) Dauid king of Scots, David 1118 × 1152
Grantor Malcolm IV, king of Scots (d.1165) malcolmus king of Scots, Malcolm 1145 × 1165
Beneficiary St Andrews Cathedral Priory 1140 × 1309

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
WLO (West Lothian) church of Linlithgow Ecclesiam de linlidcu Linlithgow
WLO (West Lothian) houses within and outwith burgh of Linlithgow domibus infra burgum et extra Linlithgow
PER (Perthshire) Church of Longforgan Ecclesiam de forgrund Longforgan
PER (Perthshire) toft belonging to church of Longforgan cum tofta Longforgan
PER (Perthshire) land next to church terra ecclesie adiacent Longforgan
ELO Church of St Mary of Haddington Ecclesiam de hadinton' Haddington
ELO (East Lothian) villa of Clerkington cum uilla que dictur clerkinton' Clerkington
FIF (Fife) church of St Mary of Dairsie Ecclesiam de deruisin Dairsie
FIF (Fife) church of Cupar Ecclesiam de cupre Cupar
FIF (Fife) parish church of Holy Trinity Ecclesiam parochialem ciuitatis sancti andree sancte trinitatis uidelicet Kilrymont
FIF (Fife) church of Markinch Ecclesiam de Markinge Markinch
FIF (Fife) church of Scoonie Ecclesiam de sconin Scoonie
FIF (Fife) church of Kennoway Ecclesiam de Kennakin Kennoway
KNR (Kinross-shire) church of Portmoak Ecclesiam de portmoog Portmoak
KCD (Kincardineshire) church of St Cyrus Ecclesiam de eglesgirg St Cyrus (Ecclesgreig)
FIF (Fife) church of Lathrisk Ecclesiam de loschresc Lathrisk
FIF (Fife) church of Leuchars Ecclesiam de lochres Leuchars
PER (Perthshire) church/chapel of Inchture Ecclesiam de Inchethor Inchture
ANG (Angus) church of Fowlis Easter Ecclesiam de foules Fowlis Easter
ABD (Aberdeenshire) church of St Moluoc of Tarland Ecclesiam de taraulund Tarland
ABD (Aberdeenshire) church of Migvie Ecclesiam de Migahaueth Migvie
PER (Perthshire) church of Muckersie Ecclesiam de Mucrosin Muckersie
PER (Perthshire) church of Meigle (PER) Ecclesiam de Miggil Meigle
PER (Perthshire) chapel of Meigle (PER) capella ad eam pertinente Meigle
PER (Perthshire) ecclesiastical villa of Meigle (PER) uilla ecclesiastica Meigle
ANG (Angus) church of Tannadice Ecclesiam de tanathes Tannadice

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
privileges in general (all liberties, etc.) privileges in general (all liberties, etc.)