People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Settlement of dispute over vicarages of churches in diocese of Aberdeen

Type of Transaction
From Source
4/32/91 (Abdn. Reg., 24-26)
Firm date
Thursday 4 August 1250
Dating Notes
1250, Thursday after the feast of St Peter ad Vincula
Majority of names taken from _Aberdeen Reg._, i, 20; cf. _Arb. Lib._, no. 238

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Judge Andrew, chancellor of Moray (fl.1249-50) Cancellarius Morauiens' chancellor of Moray 1249 × 1250
Judge Robert, treasurer of Dunkeld (fl.1238-71) Thesaurarius treasurer of Dunkeld 1238 × 1257
Judge John of Everley, archdeacon of Dunkeld (d.a.1265×72) Johannes de euerley Master John of Everley, canon of Dunkeld 1236 × 1263
Party 1 Robert of Smailholm, abbot of Kelso (d.1258) de Kelsouch [abbatum] abbot of Kelso 1250 × 1257
Party 1 Walter, abbot of Arbroath (fl.1247-58×) de Abbirbrothoc [abbatum] abbot of Arbroath 1247 × 1256
Party 1 Unknown, abbot of Lindores de Londoris [abbatum] abbot of Lindores 1245 × 1257
Party 1 John White, prior of St Andrews (d.1258) Prioris cathedralis ecclesie sancti Andree prior of cathedral church of St Andrews 1238 × 1253
Party 2 Peter Ramsay, bishop of Aberdeen (d.1256) Abberdonensis episcopus [current] bishop of Aberdeen 1227 × 1255
named person (transaction) Unknown, procurator of Lindores Abbey procuratorem procurator
Eponymous landholder Henry, son of John, burgess of Inverurie Henrici filii Johannis Henry son of John 1253 × 1253
Previous landholder Richard, vicar (of Durno?) Richarus Richard, who appears as vicar 1251 × 1251
Eponymous landholder Norman (ABD) Normanni Norman

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
ABD (Aberdeenshire) vicarage of church of Fintray Vicarie de Fyntre Fintray
ABD vicarage of church of Durno Vicarie de Dournach Durno
ABD vicarage of church of Insch Vicarie de Inchemabayn Insch
ABD vicarage of church of Rathmuriel Vicarie de Rathmuryell Rathmuriel (Christ's Kirk)
ABD vicarage of church of Leslie Vicarie de Lesly Leslie
ABD vicarage of church of Premnay Vicarie de Prameth Premnay
ABD vicarage of church of Kennethmont Vicarie de Kynnakemond Kennethmont
ABD vicarage of church of Culsalmond Vicarie de Culsamuel Culsalmond
ABD vicarage of church of Inverurie Vicarie de Inuerroury Inverurie