People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Agreement of mutual confederation and friendship between men of Scotland and Wales; that they shall not make peace with king of England without mutual consent and agreement

Type of Transaction
From Source
4/42/2 (Foedera, i, I, 370)
Firm date
18 March 1258
Dating Notes
AD 1258, 18th day of March
Corroboration / sealing

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Addressor Walter Comyn, earl of Menteith (d.1258) Walterus Cumin Walter Comyn, earl of Menteith 1213 × 1258
Addressor Alexander Comyn, earl of Buchan (d.1289) Alexander Cumyn Alexander Comyn, earl of Buchan, justiciar of Scotia 1237 × 1289
Addressor William, earl of Mar (d.a.1281) Willelmus William, earl of Mar 1234 × 1274
Addressor William (I), earl of Ross (d.1274) Willelmus William, earl of Ross 1232 × 1269
Addressor John Comyn, lord of Badenoch (d.1277) Johannes Cumyn John Comyn, justiciar of Galloway 1231 × 1272
Addressor Aymer Maxwell (d.1266) Aimerus de Makiswel Aymer of Maxwell, chamberlain of Scotland 1214 × 1264
Addressor Freskin Murray, knight, lord of Duffus Fresekinus de Morauia Freskin of Moray 1249 × 1271
Addressor Hugh of Aberinch Hugo de Abirinchun Hugh of Aberinch 1258 × 1258
Addressor William Mowat, knight, sheriff (son of Michael) Willelmus de Mohaut William de Mowat 1258 × 1290
Addressor William Comyn, lord of Kirkintilloch (brother of John Comyn (d.1302) Willelmus Cumyn William Comyn, brother of Sir John Comyn 1258 × 1290
Addressor Richard Comyn, son of Richard Comyn Ricardus Cumyn Richard Comyn, brother of Sir John Comyn 1258 × 1258
Addressor Hugh Barclay, justiciar of Lothian (13C) Hugo de Berkeleya Hugh of Berkeley 1248 × 1293
Addressor Walter Barclay (brother of Hugh Barclay) Waltero de Berkeleya Walter of Berkeley 1258 × 1262
Addressor Bernard Mowat (son of Michael) Bernardus de Mohaue Bernard de Mowat 1258 × 1296
Addressor Reginald Cheyne, father (d.c.1293) Reginaldus Cheyn Reginald Cheyne 1255 × 1290
Addressor David of Lochore, knight Dauid Lochor David of Lochore 1231 × 1282
Addressor John of Denmuir, knight Johannes Dundemor John of Denmuir 1222 × 1265
Addressor William of Airth, lord of Fordell Willelmus de Erth William of Airth 1240 × 1258
Addressor Hector (Eachann) of Carrick Ector de Karric Hector of Carrick 1189 × 1258
named person (transaction) Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, prince of Wales Lewelino filio Griffini Llywelyn son of Gruffudd, prince of Wales 1253 × 1253
named person (transaction) David ap Gruffudd Dauid filio Griffud fratre suo uterino Dafydd son of Gruffudd [Llywelyn's] uterine brother
named person (transaction) Gruffudd ap Madog, lord of Bromfield Gruffud filio Maduc Gruffudd son of Madog, lord of Bromfield
named person (transaction) Maredudd ap Rhys Gryg (d.1271) Maredud filio Res Maredudd son of Rhys
named person (transaction) Maredudd ab Owain (d.1265) Maredud filio Ouener Maredudd son of Owain
named person (transaction) Rhys Fychan (d.1302)) Res Juniori Rhys the younger
named person (transaction) Owain ap Maredudd of Cydewain Oweyn filio Maredud Owain ap Maredudd
named person (transaction) Madog ap Gwenywynwyn Madauc filio Wenwynwim Madog son of Gwenwynwyn
named person (transaction) Maredudd Saes Maredud Seis Maredudd Saes (the English)
named person (transaction) Llywelyn Fychan Lewelin Vechan Llywelyn Fychan (the Small)
named person (transaction) Owain ap Llywelyn of Mechain Owein filio Leweliner domini de Mechein Owain, son of Llywelyn lord of Mechain
named person (transaction) Maredudd ap Llywelyen of Mechain Maredud filio Leweliner domini de Mechein Maredudd, son of Llywelyn lord of Mechain
named person (transaction) Owain ap Gruffudd Owein filio Gruffud Owain son of Gruffudd 1253 × 1253
named person (transaction) Madog Fychan (d.1277) Madauc Paruo Madoc Fychan (the Small)
named person (transaction) Owain ap Bleddyn Owein filio Bledyn Owain son of Bleddyn
named person (transaction) Hywel ap Maredudd Howel filio Maredud Hywel son of Maredudd
named person (transaction) Elise ab Iorwerth Elisse filio Ioruerth Elise son of Iorwerth
named person (transaction) Gruffudd ab Iorwerth Grufud filio Ioruerth Gruffudd son of Iorwerth
named person (transaction) Goronwy ab Ednyfed Gorone filio Edneued Goronwy son of Ednyfed
named person (transaction) Iorwerth Gruginan Ioruerth Gruginan Iorwerth 'Gruginan'
named person (transaction) Einion Fychan Enniayn Vechan Einion Fychan (the Small)
named person (transaction) Tewdwr ap Madog Tudir filio Madoc Tewdwr son of Madog
named person (transaction) Einion ap Caradog Enniaun filio Karaduc Enion son of Caradog
named person (transaction) Iorwerth ap Maredudd Ioruerth filio Maredud Iorwerth son of Maredudd
named person (transaction) David ab Einion Dauid filio Enniayn Dafydd son of Einion
named person (transaction) Ieuaf Goch Ieuav Gochi Ieuaf Goch (the Red)
named person (transaction) Rhys ab Ednyfed Roys filio Ednevet Rhys son of Ednyfed
named person (transaction) Gwion Bangor Gwyd' de Bangr' Gwion (or Guy) of Bangor, messenger of the said prince and magnates
named person (transaction) Alan of Irvine Alani de Yrewyn Alan of Irvine, our messenger