People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Sale of monetary render from land in Berwick (BWK)

Type of Transaction
From Source
3/632/3 (Kel. Lib., no. 34)
Firm date
1209 X
Probable date
early 13th century
Dating Notes
This charter was likely produced after King John's invasion of southern Scotland since it and <em>Kelso Liber</em>, i, no. 34 refer to war damage.
Render dates
Feast of St Cuthbert in Autumn [4 Sept.]; Feast of St Cuthbert in Quadragesima [20 Mar.]; Feast of St James [25 July]
Nominal renders
Returns / Renders
kind; money: marks; money: other; money: pennies
Corroboration / sealing
Witnesses in original, but not copied into cartulary

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Grantor Walter of Longforgan, burgess of Berwick Walterus de fforgrund Walter of Longforgan, burgess of Berwick 1209 × 1209
Grantor Margery, wife of Walter of Longforgan the burgess of Berwick Marioria sponsa sua filia heres quondam Johannis Hanyn Marjory, his spouse, daughter and heir of the late John Hannan, burgess of Berwick 1209 × 1209
Beneficiary Kelso Abbey abbati et Conuentui de Kalchou 1131 × 1311
named person (transaction) Unknown, king of Scots (William I or Alexander II) domini Regis lord King
named person (transaction) Unknown, abbot of Kelso domini abbatis lord abbot × 1309
named person (transaction) Unknown, lord of Berwick domini eiusdem feodi lord of the same feu
Previous landholder John of Norway Johannes de Norwag John of Norway
Neighbouring landholder James of Belford, butcher (BWK) Jacobi de Beleford James of Belford, butcher
Neighbouring landholder Richard, cook (Berwick) Richardi Richard the cook
Neighbouring landholder Gilbert of Dunbar (early13C) Gilberti de Dumbar Gilbert of Dunbar