People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Relationship: Son of Henry Graham (Familial relationship)

Henry Graham (12C)
From Source
3/254/4 (Newb. Reg., no. 9)
Firm date
18 February 1175 X 17 August 1214
Probable date
perhaps 20 June 1203×, prob. late
Dating Notes
Earliest attestation of William Comyn wherein he was definitely earl of Buchan (<em>RRS</em> ii, no. 522; 17 Aug., 1212×14). Note that William Comyn is not called justiciar, which may suggest a date earlier than ca. 1205, although this is merely a possibility. Note also that Adam son of Gilbert (son of Richer) was a tenant of William Comyn who held Blyth Bridge in PEB and married William’s sister (<em>Morton Reg.</em>, ii, no. 5). This charter came after both <em>Newb. Reg.</em>, nos. 7 & 8, and perhaps after the papal confirmation of Innocent III.

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
subject (relationship) Henry Graham (12C) 1175 × 1214
object (relationship) Henry Graham (father of Henry, 12C)