People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Gift of 'Dondowan' (Easter Downhill, PER)

Type of Transaction
From Source
3/198/1 (Atholl Charters, no. 6)
Firm date
circa 1270 X circa 1290
Probable date
perhaps circa 1284×
Dating Notes
Christian de l’Isle as sheriff of Perth points to circa 1270s; Master Thomas as dean of Dunblane suggests 1270s or 1280s. Barrow dates this to ca. 1284×90 (<em>Kingdom of the Scots</em>, 64).
in feuferme; of me and my heirs
Tenendas original language
ad feudo firmam de me et heredibus meis
free from all suits of court, except chief pleas
Exemptions original language
ab omnibus sectis curie releuus wardis et auxilus
Render dates
Martinmas (Feast of St Martin) [11 Nov.]; Pentecost (Whitsun)
Sicut clause
Returns / Renders
money: shillings
Corroboration / sealing

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Grantor Gilbert of Downhill (Dondowan), son of Gilbert Gilbertus de dondowan filius quondam Gilberti filii Dovenaldi Gilbert of Dondowan, son of late Gilbert son of Donald 1270 × 1270
Beneficiary William Murray, son of Malcolm Murray, knight (TRA3) Willelmo de moravia filio malcolmi de moravia William of Moray son of Sir Malcolm of Moray 1279 × 1298
named person (transaction) Unknown, earl of Strathearn comite de strathearn' earl of Strathearn
named person (transaction) Thomas, master, dean of Dunblane (1273-1285x96) decani Dunblanen' dean of Dunblane 1266 × 1283
named person (transaction) Unknown, official of Dunblane loci eiusdem officiali' official of the same place
Sealer Christian de l'Isle, sheriff of Perth cristini de insula Sir Christian de l'Isle, burgess of Perth, then sheriff of the same place 1259 × 1290
Sealer Thomas, master, dean of Dunblane (1273-1285x96) Thome Sir Master Thomas, then dean of Dunblane 1266 × 1283
Sealer Nicholas, son of Malise of Strathearn, chamberlain, rector of Crieff Nicholai Sir Nicholas, then rector of the church of Crieff, 1257 × 1284
Sealer William of Fordell, judex of Perth Willelmo de fordal Sir William of Fordell, then judex of king of Perth 1266 × 1270

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Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits Order
Adam, son of Abraham, judex of Strathearn Ada filio abraham Adam son of Abraham, judex of Strathearn 1270 × 1270 1
Monach mac Ailpín monauch' mac alpy Monach mac Alpin 1271 × 1296 2
Malcolm of Auchterarder malcolmo de houctirardor' Malcolm of Auchterarder 1271 × 1290 3
Colin, son of Gilla Glas Colino gilglas Colin Gilleglas 1284 × 1284 4
Thomas, mair (13C) Thom' Thomas the mair 1270 × 1270 5
Hugh, clerk (Strathearn) hugone Hugh the clerk 1270 × 1270 6

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
PER Dundovan (Downhill) totam terram meam de dondowan Dundovan (Downhill)