People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Title/occupation: rector of Spey Bridge

Title type
rector of Spey Bridge
From Source
3/204/15 (Grant, no. 6)
Firm date
29 October 1257 X circa 14 August 1267
Dating Notes
Cf. <em>Arb. Lib.</em>, no. 295. Alan’s son, Thomas Durward, as well as Thomas Bisset, witness both documents, but were both clearly members of his household. Alan Durward was justiciar of Scotia in 1256, and is described as such in the document dated 17 April, 1256. He is not termed justiciar in this charter. It is more likely that this charter dates to after his time as justiciar, although perhaps fairly soon after. This charter could date to as late as the time of King Alexander III’s confirmations to Sir Gilbert of Glencarnie, both of which he witnessed (Fraser, <em>Grant</em>, nos. 8 & 9). This charter also bears comparison to <em>C.A. Chrs.</em>, no. 61, dated 28 May, 1264, which was witnessed by Sir Thomas Durward and Master David ‘fysico’, possibly the same man as Master David rector of the church of Glenbervie (Watt, _Graduates_, 279).

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
title-holder Richard, master, rector of Spey Bridge Ricardo Master Richard, rector of the Bridge of Spey 1257 × 1257