People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Gift of 13 acres of land on the Pillic next to the mill

Type of Transaction
From Source
3/411/1 (St A. Lib., 269-70)
Firm date
Probable date
Late 12th or early 13th century, prob. 1 Sept. 1196×
Dating Notes
Probably after William Giffard, a witness, got royal grant of nearby Tealing (<em>RRS</em> ii, no. 418); also by Magnus son of Gilbert’s confirmation.
in (free, pure and/or perpetual) alms
Tenendas original language
in liberam et puram et perpetuam elemosinam
Sicut clause
Included; region; Scotia
Corroboration / sealing
Spiritual Benefits
Ancestors (pro salute anime); Any Spiritual Benefit; Self (pro salute anime); Successors (pro salute anime); Wife (pro salute anime)

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Grantor Gilbert or Gilla Brigte Scott of Monorgan, son of Ewen, nepos of Bishop Andrew Gillebertus scotus filius eweni de monorgrunt Gilbert the Scot, son of Ewen of Monorgan 1172 × 1199
Beneficiary St Andrews Cathedral Priory ecclesie beati Andree apostli de kilrimund Church of Blessed Andrew the apostle of Kilrymont 1140 × 1309
Consentor Christina, daughter of Merleswain (wife of Gilbert Scott) cristine filie merleswani uxoris mee Christina, daughter of Merleswain, my wife

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Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits Order
Magnus, son of Earl Colban Magnus filio colbani Magnus son of Colban 1214 × 1219 None
William Gifford, son of Hugh Gifford, lord of Yester Willelmo giffard William Giffard 1178 × 1205 None
Duncan of Ballindean Dunecano de balendan Duncan of Ballindean 1190 × 1190 None
Michael of Inchture Michaele de inchethore Michael of Inchture 1214 × 1241 None
William Ruffus, sheriff (12C) Willelmo Ruffo William Ruffus 1178 × 1178 None
Walkelin, son of Stephen Walkel' filio stephani Walkelin son of Stephen 1195 × 1202 None
William Wascelin, knight Willelmo Wacelin William Wascelin 1194 × 1202 None
Hugh Cameron, sheriff of Forfar hug' camerun Hugh Cameron 1190 × 1226 None
Dolfin Dunakin Dolfino Dunakin Dolfin Dunakin None

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
PER (Perthshire) 13 acres of land on the Pillic next to the mill tresdecim acras terre continuas super pillic iuxta molendinum Longforgan