People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Gift of 15 acres of land in Bassendean and Harlaw with meadow and a toft and croft with two acres

Type of Transaction
From Source
3/395/3 (Cold. Cart., no. 43)
Firm date
circa 1190 X circa 1211
Dating Notes
Witnesses Master Adam of Hirsel, Warin, master of Soutra Hospital and John, dean of Fogo
in (free, pure and/or perpetual) alms
Tenendas original language
in puram et perpetuam elimosinam
Sicut clause
Spiritual Benefits
Ancestors (pro anima); Any Spiritual Benefit; Father (pro anima); Mother (pro anima); Successors (pro anima)

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Grantor William de Mayle of Bassendean Willelmus de Mahle de Bastyndane William de Mahle of Bassendean 1190 × 1211
Beneficiary Church of Bassendean ecclesie Sancte Marie de Bastynden Church of St Mary of Bassendean 1190 × 1190
Previous landholder Adam, clerk (BWK) Adam Adam, clerk 1200 × 1200

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Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits Order
Warin, master of Soutra Warino de Soltre Master Warin of Soutra 1209 × 1218 None
John, dean of Fogo (fl.1194-c.1220) Johanne John, then dean of Fogo 1194 × 1203 None
Adam of Hirsel, master, persona (fl.1180×1232) Adam de Hersill Master Adam of Hirsel 1185 × 1208 None
Patrick of Hume Patricio de Home Patrick of Hume 1198 × 1202 None
Thomas of Coupland (13C) Thoma de Copland Thomas of Coupland 1200 × 1211 None
Alan de Edred Alano de Edrede Alan de Edred 1190 × 1190 None
Ranulf/Ralph of Halton Ranulfo de Haltun Ranulf of Halton 1211 × 1244 None

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
BWK (Berwickshire) 11 acres in field of Bassendean acras terre quarum xi acre jacent in campo de Bakestanesden Bassendean
ROX (Roxburghshire) 4 acres at Harlaw et quatuor acre apud Harelaw Harlaw
BWK (Berwickshire) meadow towards Strotherflat totum pratum ad Strotherflat Unmapped (BWK)
BWK (Berwickshire) acre of meadow at Hunpul vnam acram prati ad Hunpul Unmapped (BWK)
BWK (Berwickshire) toft and croft and 2 acres held by Adam, clerk toftum et croftum et duas acras terre Bassendean
BWK (Berwickshire) 2 acres at Heuedes duas acras terre que jacent apud Heuedes Unmapped (BWK)