People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Memorandum of a proposal made concerning a dispute between St Andrews Priory and Haddington Priory

Type of Transaction
From Source
4/32/109 (BL, Cott. Chrs. XVIII, no. 30)
Firm date
1229 X
Probable date
Dating Notes
Date comes from comparison with BL, Cott. Chr XVIII, no. 28?

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Addressor Unknown, procurator of St Andrews Priory procuratore prioris proctor of the prior [of St Andrews] 1229 × 1229
in the presence of Unknown, abbot of Balmerino abbas de balmurinach abbot of Balmerino, papal judge 1290 × 1290
Party 1 St Andrews Cathedral Priory prioris et conuentus cathedralis ecclesie sancti andr' prior and convent of cathedral church of St Andrew 1140 × 1309
Party 2 Haddington Priory magistr' priorissam et moniales de hadigton master, prioress and nuns of Haddington 1152 × 1358

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
ELO (East Lothian) teinds of a ploughgate in Athelstaneford dec' carucate terre in territorio de helfstanford Athelstaneford
ELO (East Lothian) teinds of oxgang in Stevenston decimis unarum bouatarum terre [...] de steveniston' Stevenston
ELO (East Lothian) teinds of land between old garden and villa of Haddington decimas illius terre que iacet inter vet' gardium et villam de hadigton Haddington
ELO (East Lothian) teinds of half acre next to mills of Stevenston decimas dimidie acre terre iuxta molendinis de steneniston Stevenston
ELO (East Lothian) teinds of burgesses of Haddington decimas [...] burgensium de hadigton' Haddington