People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Gift of one mark from ferme of Birkenside (BWK)

Type of Transaction
From Source
3/15/121 (Dryb. Lib., no. 311)
Firm date
Probable date
prob. early 14th century
Dating Notes
The grantor’s father, John, lord of Birkenside, was younger brother of Patrick IV, earl of Dunbar and March (1289-1308) and witnessed charters of his father (<em>Coldstream Cartulary</em>, no. 1, 1273 × 89; no. 16, 1248 × 89) and brother (<em>Ibid.</em>, no. 14)
in (free, pure and/or perpetual) alms
Tenendas original language
in liberam puram et perpetuam elemosinam
Render dates
Martinmas (Feast of St Martin) [11 Nov.]; Pentecost (Whitsun)
Sicut clause
Included; kingdom; Scotia
Corroboration / sealing
Spiritual Benefits
Ancestors (pro salute anime); Any Spiritual Benefit; Confraternitas specified; Father (pro salute anime); Mother (pro salute anime); Self (pro salute anime); Successors (pro salute anime); Wife (pro salute anime)
Witnesses in original, but not copied into cartulary

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Grantor John of Dunbar, son of John, lord of Birkenside Johannes de Dunbar filius et heres Johannis de Dunbar John of Dunbar, son and heir of Sir John of Dunbar the knight, the late lord of Birkenside
Beneficiary Dryburgh Abbey (fd.1150) ecclesie sancte Marie de Driburgh church of St Mary of Dryburgh 1150 × 1296

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
BWK (Berwickshire) 1 mark from ferme unam marcam [...] de firma mea de Byrkenside Birkenside