People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Command to vicars not to go against bishop's mandate against earl of Lennox, to take men to earl's court, and to remind individuals not to interact with excommunicate

Type of Transaction
Command / mandate
From Source
2/7/94 (Pais. Reg., *201-*204)
Firm date
22 August 1294
Dating Notes
on the Sunday nearest before the feast of blessed Bartholomew the apostle, in the year of grace 1294
Corroboration / sealing

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Addressor Robert Wishart, bishop of Glasgow (d.1316) Robertus Robert, minister of the church of Glasgow 1271 × 1312
Addressee Unknown, vicar of Carmunnock de Curmannoc [...] vicari vicar of Carmunnock 1294 × 1294
Addressee Unknown, vicar of Cathcart de Cathkert [...] vicari vicar of Cathcart 1294 × 1294
Addressee Unknown, vicar of Pollock de Pollog [...] vicari vicar of Pollock 1294 × 1294
Addressee Unknown, vicar of Kilmacolm de Kylmacolme [...] vicari vicar of Kilmacolm 1294 × 1294
Addressee Unknown, vicar of Kilbarchan de Kylberchan vicari vicar of Kilbarchan 1294 × 1294
named person (transaction) Patrick Graham (I), knight (d.1296) Patricium de Graham Sir Patrick of Graham, knight 1266 × 1296
named person (transaction) Duncan, son of Aulay (mac Amlaíb) Duncanum filium Ameledy Sir Duncan son of Aulay, knight 1271 × 1308
named person (transaction) Donald Campbell, knight Dovenaldum Cambell Sir Donald Campbell, knight 1296 × 1314
named person (transaction) William Oliphant, knight (d.1313) Wilelmum Olifard Sir William Oliphant, knight 1270 × 1312
named person (transaction) Arthur Galbraith Arthurum dictum Galbrath Arthur called Galbriath 1293 × 1308
named person (transaction) Malcolm of Drummond, knight Malcolmum de Drummund Malcolm of Drummond 1271 × 1306
named person (transaction) Thomas of Craminnan Thomam de Crumenan Thomas of Craminnan 1296 × 1308
named person (transaction) John of Luss Johannem de Luss John of Luss 1296 × 1316
named person (transaction) Humphrey of Kilmun Humfredum de Kylmon Humphrey of Kilmun
named person (transaction) Alwine, son of Aulay Alwynum filium [...] Ameledy Alwine, son of Sir Amlaib (Aulay) 1296 × 1296
named person (transaction) Morthan mac Corc Morthan Mac Korc Morthan mac Corc
named person (transaction) Máel Muire Óg Malmor Hoge Máel Muire Óg 1271 × 1271
named person (transaction) Mauricius (Murdoch) of Ardencaple Mauricium de Ardcapell Maurice of Ardencaple 1296 × 1296
named person (transaction) John, napier (DNB) Johannem Naper John the napier 1296 × 1313
named person (transaction) Eugene or Ewen, son of Michael Gross Eugenium filium Michaelis Gross Eugene (or Ewen) son of Michael Gross
named person (transaction) Máel Domnaig mac Hudy Maldovenum MacHudy Máel Domnaig mac Hudy
named person (transaction) Donald, son of Anecol Dovenaldum MacAnecol Donald mac Anecol 1295 × 1296
named person (transaction) Beherun, brother of Donald son of Anecol Betherum fratrem eiusdem Dovenaldi Beherun, brother of the same Donald
named person (transaction) Gilchrist mac Maíl Brigte Gilcrist MacMolbrid Gilchrist mac Máel Brigte
named person (transaction) Eugenius (Ewen), son of Duncan Eugenium filium Duncani Ewen son of Duncan
named person (transaction) Roger Mowat (fl.1294-6) Rogerium de Monte alto Roger de Muhaut 1296 × 1296
named person (transaction) John mac Gilmothan Johannem MacGilmothan John mac Gilmothan 1296 × 1296
named person (transaction) Dunbeger' Dunbeger' Dunbeger'
named person (transaction) Gillies mac Nalbain Gilismum MacNalbain Gillies mac Nalbain
named person (transaction) Gillies Ruffus Gilismum Ruphum Gillies Ruffus
named person (transaction) Thomas of Kintyre Thomam de Kantyir Thomas of Kintyre
named person (transaction) Gilla Coluim, son of Donald mac Bref Gilcolmum filium Dovenaldi Macbref Gilla Coluim, son of Donald mac Bref
named person (transaction) Clergy in Lennox omnes rectores, vicarios, presbiteros parochiales decantus de Levenax all the rectors, vicars, parish priests of the deanery of Lennox
named person (transaction) John Balliol, king of Scots (d.1314) domini Regis lord King 1284 × 1302
named person (transaction) Edward [Balliol], king of Scots (d.1364) filii sui his son 1301 × 1356