People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Foundation of Scone Priory and grant of possessions

Type of Transaction
Grant of property (concedo)
From Source
1/3/4 (Scone Lib., no. 1)
Firm date
1114 X July 1122
Probable date
circa 1120 × Jul/1122
Dating Notes
Foundation of Scone Priory × death of Queen Sybilla
Exemptions original language
liberam et solutam et quietam ab omni exactione et inquietudine
Corroboration / sealing
Spiritual Benefits
Ancestors (pro anima); Any Spiritual Benefit; Brother(s) (pro anima); Father (pro anima); Mother (pro anima); Self (pro); Sister(s) (pro anima); Successors (pro anima)
Possessions granted 'for themselves and for the souls of their fathers and mothers and brothers and sisters and ancestors and successors of the faith' '_mansiones domuum_' later called 'tofts' Witnesses given in form '_ego...confirmo_' or '_ego...assensum prebeo_', with last six as simple '_alii testes_'

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Beneficiary Scone Abbey (fd.c.1120) None None 1124 × 1369
Grantor Alexander I, king of Scots (d.1124) Alexander Alexander, king of Scots, son of King Malcolm and Queen Margaret 1095 × 1123
Grantor Sybil, Queen of Scots (d.1122) Sibilla Sybilla, queen of Scots, daughter of King Henry of England 1114 × 1122
Beneficiary Mary, Blessed Virgin sancte Marie Saint Mary 1122 × 1321
Beneficiary Saint Michael sancto Michaeli Saint Michael 1122 × 1214
Beneficiary Saint John sancto Johanni Saint John 1122 × 1278
Beneficiary Saint Laurence sancto Laurencio Saint Laurence 1114 × 1122
Beneficiary Saint Augustine sancto Augustino Saint Augustine 1114 × 1122
named person (transaction) David, king and prophet rex et propheta Dauid David, king and prophet
Sealer Alexander I, king of Scots (d.1124) 1095 × 1123
Signatory Alexander I, king of Scots (d.1124) 1095 × 1123
Signatory Sybil, Queen of Scots (d.1122) 1114 × 1122
Signatory Gregory, bishop of Moray (fl.c.1120-27×31) Gregorius Gregory, bishop 1122 × 1127
Signatory Cormac, bishop of Dunkeld Cormacus Cormac, bishop 1122 × 1128
Signatory Alexander, nepos of King Alexander I Alexander nepos regis Alexander, the king's nephew 1114 × 1122
Signatory Áed (Heth) the earl Beth [Heth] Aed the earl 1122 × 1128
Signatory Cospatric, earl of Dunbar (d.1138) Gospatricius Dolfini Dolfin's Cospatric, the earl 1113 × 1143
Signatory Malise (I), earl of Strathearn (d.1141×) Mallus Malise the earl 1131 × 1140
Signatory Matad, earl of Atholl (d.1139×59) Madach Matad the earl 1122 × 1143
Signatory Rory (Ruaidrí), earl of Mar Rothri Ruairi the earl 1122 × 1131
Signatory Gartnait, earl of Buchan (Gartnait mac Coinnich) Gartnach Gartnait the earl 1122 × 1147
Signatory Dufagan (Dubucán), earl Dufagan Dufagan the earl 1114 × 1122
Signatory Sorn (early 12C) Forn Forn 1114 × 1122

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Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits Order
William, brother of Queen Sybilla Willelmus frater regine William, brother of the queen 1122 × 1123 13
Edward, son of Siward, constable Edwardus Edward, constable 1114 × 1150 14
Cospatric, son of Waltheof Gospatricius filius Walthef Cospatric, son of Waltheof 1114 × 1154 15
Uviet, lord of Traverlen (Duddingston) Vfieth Uviet 1122 × 1128 16
Aelfric, butler (king's) Alfricus pincerna Alfric, the butler 1095 × 1114 17

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
PER (Perthshire) Kinnochtry Kynochtred Kinnochtry
PER (Perthshire) ploughgate in Kinnochtry cum vna carucata Kinnochtry
ABD (Aberdeenshire) toft vnam apud Aberdon Burgh of Aberdeen
MLO toft in Edinburgh quinque mansiones domuum vnam apud Eduenesburg Edinburgh
STL (Stirlingshire) toft in Stirling vnam apud Striuelin Stirling
PER (Perthshire) toft vnam apud Perth Perth
PER Innerbuist Infervus Innerbuist
PER (Perthshire) ploughgates in Innerbuist cum quinque carucatis terre Innerbuist
PER Banchory Benchorin Banchory
PER (Perthshire) 3 ploughgates in Banchory cum tribus carucatis terre Banchory
PER Fingask Fingask Fingask
PER (Perthshire) ploughgate in Fingask cun vna carucata Fingask
PER Durdie Dufrothni Durdie
PER (Perthshire) 3 ploughgates in Durdie cum tribus carucatis Durdie
PER Clien Cleon Clien (Hole O' Clean)
PER (Perthshire) 3 ploughgates in Clien cum tribus carucatis Clien (Hole O' Clean)
PER Invergowrie Inuergourin Invergowrie
PER (Perthshire) 3 ploughgates cum tribus carucatis Invergowrie
PER (Perthshire) church of Scone ecclesiam in honorem Sancte Trinitatis dedicatam que est in Scona Scone
FIF (Fife) toft in Inverkeithing vnam apud Inuerkethyin Inverkeithing
ANG Lintrose Fotheros Lintrose
ANG (Angus) ploughgate in Lintrose cum vna carucata Lintrose
ANG Liff Liff Liff
ANG (Angus) 6 ploughgates in Liff cum sex carucatis Liff
ANG Gourdie Grudin Gourdie
ANG (Angus) 10 ploughgates in Gourdie cum decem carucatis Gourdie

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
BWK (Berwickshire) half hides, tallow, grease Lammermuir
PER (Perthshire) cain of ships Perth

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
right of common fishing River Tay communionem aque de Thei River Tay