People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Correspondence to Edward I from Robert Tilliol

Type of Transaction
From Source
5/7/0 (Stevenson, Docs., ii, no. 612)
Firm date
Sunday 10 September 1301
Dating Notes
Sunday after the Nativity of Our Lady

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Addressor Robert de Tilliol Roberd de Tilliol His bachelor, Robert de Tilliol, keeper of Lochmaben 1301 × 1310
Addressee Edward I, king of England (d.1307) son tres honurable seingnur [...] rey de Engleterre his lord, the king of England 1274 × 1312
named person (transaction) John Soulis, knight, guardian (d.a.1310) Johane de Soules Sir John de Soules 1267 × 1303
named person (transaction) Ingram de Umfraville (d.c.1321) Ingram de Humframville Sir Ingram de Umfraville 1293 × 1310
named person (transaction) David of Brechin (d.1320) Davy de Brechin Sir David of Brechin 1296 × 1319
named person (transaction) John de Vaux, lord of Dirleton Johan de Waus Sir John de Vaux 1306 × 1307
named person (transaction) William de Heriz, knight Gillam de Heriz One of our companions, Sir William de Heriz 1296 × 1304
named person (transaction) Unknown, man of Wintain un home de Wintayn a man of Wintain