People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Obligation to adhere to Richard de Burgh, earl of Ulster

Type of Transaction
From Source
3/700/1 (Menteith, no. 12)
Firm date
Friday 20 September 1286
Dating Notes
Friday, vigil of Blessed Matthew the apostle, 1286
Corroboration / sealing
Both addressors mentioned

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Grantor Patrick (III), earl of Dunbar (d.1289) Patricius Patrick, earl of Dunbar 1247 × 1286
Grantor Patrick (IV), earl of Dunbar/March (d.1308) Patricius Patrick 1286 × 1307
Grantor John of Dunbar, lord of Birkenside, son of Earl Patrick (III) Johannes John 1286 × 1290
Grantor Alexander, son of Earl Patrick (III) et Alexander filii ejus and Alexander, his sons 1286 × 1286
Grantor Walter Stewart, earl of Menteith (d.c.1293) Walterus Senescallus Walter Stewart, earl of Menteith 1248 × 1292
Grantor Alexander, earl of Menteith (d.1297x1306) Alexander Alexander 1286 × 1296
Grantor John of Menteith (I), knight et Johannes filii ejus and John, his sons 1286 × 1327
Grantor Robert Bruce V, lord of Annandale (d.1295) Robertus de Bruse Robert Bruce, lord of Annandale 1237 × 1294
Grantor Robert Bruce VI, earl of Carrick (d.1304) Robert de Brus Robert Bruce, earl of Carrick 1274 × 1298
Grantor Richard Bruce, son of Robert V ac Ricardus de Brus filii ejus Richard de Bruce, his sons 1286 × 1286
Grantor James Stewart (d.1309) Jacobus Senescallus Scotiae James, Steward of Scotland 1276 × 1309
Grantor John Stewart of Bunkle (d.1298) Johannes frater ejus John, his brother 1286 × 1309
Grantor Angus, son of Donald of the Isles, lord of Islay (d. ca 1293) Enegus filius Dovenaldi Angus son of Donald 1232 × 1292
Grantor Alexander MacDonald of the Isles (son of Angus son of Donald) Alexander filius ejus legittimus Alexander, his legitimate son 1286 × 1297
Beneficiary Richard de Burgh, earl of Ulster Ricardo de Burgo Sir Richard de Burgh, earl of Ulster 1286 × 1286
Beneficiary Thomas de Clare Thomae de Clare Sir Thomas de Clare 1286 × 1286
named person (transaction) Edward I, king of England (d.1307) regis Angliae king of England 1274 × 1312
named person (transaction) Alexander III, king of Scots (d.1286) Alexandri Sir Alexander, king of Scotland 1245 × 1285