People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: ERA

Type of Transaction
From Source
5/3/0 (CDS, v, no. 305)
Firm date
November 1302 X December 1302

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
undefined (transaction) William Felton, keeper of Linlithgow
undefined (transaction) Archibald of Livingston, knight 1270 × 1304
undefined (transaction) Adam of Swinburne, knight (d.1318)
undefined (transaction) Edmund Foliot
undefined (transaction) John de Fulborne
undefined (transaction) Laurence de la Rivere
undefined (transaction) John de Luda (14C)
undefined (transaction) Nicholas de Scotevill
undefined (transaction) Robert de Cantilupe 1299 × 1299
undefined (transaction) William de Rythre
undefined (transaction) William Bisset, knight (late 13C) 1266 × 1304
undefined (transaction) Peter de Lubaud, sheriff of Edinburgh and Linlithgow 1308 × 1312
undefined (transaction) Guy de Beauchamp, earl of Warwick (d.1315) 1292 × 1305
undefined (transaction) John de la Ware
undefined (transaction) Thomas de Umfraville
undefined (transaction) Henry Tuk/Touk
undefined (transaction) Robinet, tailor
undefined (transaction) John, hayward
undefined (transaction) John of Kingston, constable of Edinburgh 1298 × 1304
undefined (transaction) Robert fitz Walter 1292 × 1298
undefined (transaction) Robert Thony
undefined (transaction) Peter de Malo Lacu
undefined (transaction) William de Cantilupe
undefined (transaction) Robert de Scales
undefined (transaction) Walter de Mouncy
undefined (transaction) John Merk 1296 × 1296
undefined (transaction) Adam de Welle 1301 × 1304
undefined (transaction) Walter of Burdon/Burghdon, sheriff of Lanark 1296 × 1296
undefined (transaction) Peter of Liberton
undefined (transaction) Walter de Teye 1298 × 1298
undefined (transaction) John, son of Marmaduke de Thweng, knight 1279 × 1308
undefined (transaction) Fulk fitz Warin
undefined (transaction) John Spring
undefined (transaction) Robert Constable
undefined (transaction) John de Geyton
undefined (transaction) William Francis, knight 1296 × 1296
undefined (transaction) John de Gymmynges
undefined (transaction) Henry de Pinkeny, knight
undefined (transaction) Thomas of Ramsey 1296 × 1296
undefined (transaction) Gilbert of Menteith
undefined (transaction) Edmund of Hastings (d.1314) 1296 × 1313
undefined (transaction) John de Newenham, knight
undefined (transaction) John of Weston, master, chamberlain 1299 × 1314
undefined (transaction) Seitann Mar, socius
undefined (transaction) Robert de Evencle
undefined (transaction) Richard Walraunt
undefined (transaction) John of Pencaitland, constable of Jedburgh 1300 × 1300
undefined (transaction) John Burdon, constable of Berwick 1302 × 1302
undefined (transaction) John of Seagrave, senior 1304 × 1310
undefined (transaction) Robert Hastang, sheriff of Roxburgh 1296 × 1312