People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: ERA

Type of Transaction
From Source
5/3/0 (CDS, ii, no. 1923)
Firm date
12 February 1307 X 3 May 1307

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
undefined (transaction) James Dalilegh 1306 × 1308
undefined (transaction) John de Botetourt 1306 × 1306
undefined (transaction) Walter de Beauchamp, steward 1296 × 1296
undefined (transaction) Thomas de Leyburn
undefined (transaction) Walter de Hakelut
undefined (transaction) Richard of Welles
undefined (transaction) Gerard de Fresney
undefined (transaction) John of Sudley/Sulley, junior, baron 1306 × 1306
undefined (transaction) William of Sudley/Sulley
undefined (transaction) John de Chavent
undefined (transaction) Walter of Kingshead
undefined (transaction) William de la Zouche of Ashby 1328 × 1328
undefined (transaction) John de Geyton
undefined (transaction) Edward I, king of England (d.1307) 1274 × 1312
undefined (transaction) Robert [Bruce] I, king of Scots (d.1329) 1292 × 1329
undefined (transaction) Guoti, burward (fortress-guard)
undefined (transaction) David de Percy
undefined (transaction) Llywelyn Troubleth
undefined (transaction) Thomas, crowther
undefined (transaction) Thomas of Bicknor 1296 × 1296
undefined (transaction) John le Strange
undefined (transaction) Edmund Foliot
undefined (transaction) John de la Ware
undefined (transaction) Edmund de Wylington
undefined (transaction) Warin of Bassingbourn
undefined (transaction) Robert Leawer
undefined (transaction) John de Warthwick
undefined (transaction) Aymer de Valence, earl of Pembroke (d.1324) 1301 × 1307
undefined (transaction) Adam of Livingston, clerk
undefined (transaction) Walter Langton, bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, treasurer 1298 × 1305
undefined (transaction) Robert of Berwick
undefined (transaction) Unknown, keeper of Ayr
undefined (transaction) John of Merton
undefined (transaction) John of Wigton, baron of Wigton
undefined (transaction) Robert Clifford (d.1314) 1296 × 1304
undefined (transaction) Edmund of Cornwall, knight
undefined (transaction) Ebulo de Montibus (Eble de Mountz) 1308 × 1308
undefined (transaction) John of Bicknor, knight
undefined (transaction) Walter de Fresney, knight
undefined (transaction) Robert, tailor, burgess of Stirling 1296 × 1296
undefined (transaction) Robert of Bampton
undefined (transaction) John Gray, banneret
undefined (transaction) Richard Picot
undefined (transaction) William Felton, keeper of Linlithgow
undefined (transaction) John Comyn of Badenoch (d.1314) 1306 × 1306
undefined (transaction) John de Castre
undefined (transaction) John of Thirlwall, valet
undefined (transaction) John de Landplou, knight
undefined (transaction) Simon Francis, squire
undefined (transaction) Ralph, marischal, squire (ERA)