People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: ERA

Type of Transaction
From Source
5/3/0 (SHS Misc. xi, 49-81)
Firm date
Thursday 10 May 1296 X Thursday 17 May 1296
Dating Notes
Thursday next after Ascension day, 24 Edward I (10 May 1296) and Thursday in Pentecost Week, 24 Edward I [17 May 1296]

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
undefined (transaction) Thomas, son of Eustace (late13C)
undefined (transaction) Robert de Coppenhop
undefined (transaction) Adam Russell
undefined (transaction) William Wyly
undefined (transaction) William, son of Robert (13C)
undefined (transaction) Nigel of Greenlaw
undefined (transaction) Walter of Wiltshire
undefined (transaction) John de Berdeshey
undefined (transaction) Robert, cook of Tyrewell
undefined (transaction) Geoffrey de Wylindon
undefined (transaction) Stephen Erl
undefined (transaction) Simon de Thorn
undefined (transaction) William of Ettringham
undefined (transaction) Thomas de Croft
undefined (transaction) Robert of Alverton
undefined (transaction) Nicholas of Greenway
undefined (transaction) William Spaner
undefined (transaction) Henry Stalgu
undefined (transaction) Robert le Bole (the bull)
undefined (transaction) Hugh of Overton
undefined (transaction) John, smith (Roxburgh)
undefined (transaction) Hugh de Wylingdon
undefined (transaction) John de Fymer
undefined (transaction) John of Salton (1296)
undefined (transaction) John, porter (ERA)
undefined (transaction) Edward I, king of England (d.1307) 1274 × 1312
undefined (transaction) Roger (IV) Bigod (d.1306), earl of Norfolk 1296 × 1296
undefined (transaction) Thomas de Lovenne (Lothian?)
undefined (transaction) Hugh, son of Robert
undefined (transaction) Adam, goldsmith of Roxburgh
undefined (transaction) John de Pocklington
undefined (transaction) John de Minton
undefined (transaction) William, leather-dresser of Newcastle
undefined (transaction) Aymer of Rutherford 1293 × 1296
undefined (transaction) Robert of Shotton (1296)
undefined (transaction) Thomas of Trickelawe
undefined (transaction) Alan de Meldon
undefined (transaction) Diota of Hexham
undefined (transaction) Patrick of Whittinghame
undefined (transaction) William de Senton
undefined (transaction) Robert of Maxton (13C)
undefined (transaction) Robert of Earlston
undefined (transaction) John, hermit (13C)
undefined (transaction) Henry, forester
undefined (transaction) William Sutton
undefined (transaction) Richard of Gateshead
undefined (transaction) Cynwrig ap David
undefined (transaction) William, carpenter of Cottingham (ERA)
undefined (transaction) Richard of Swinburne
undefined (transaction) William de Beyrmor