People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Description of Linlithgow burgh court proceedings (8 Oct. 1302)

Type of Transaction
From Source
4/37/7 (Stevenson, Docs., ii, no. 582a)
Firm date
Monday 8 October 1302
Dating Notes
Monday, 8th of October, regnal year 30

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
in the presence of James de St George, master Jacobo de sancto Georgio Master James of St George, lieutenant
named person (transaction) William Felton, keeper of Linlithgow Willelmi de Feltone Sir William of Felton, warden of the villa of Linlithgow
Plaintiff Thomas of Harley Thomas de Herle Thomas of Harley
Defendant John, baker of Linlithgow Johannem pistorem de Lynlytku John, baker of Linlithgow
Essoiner (court) John Pot Johannem Pot John Pot
Plaintiff Osbert of Mildenhall Osbertus de Mildenhale Osbert of Mildenhall
Defendant John Stute Johannem Stute John Stute
Surety/mainpernor Nicholas, son of Stephen Nicholaum filium Stephani Nicholas son of Stephen
Plaintiff Henry of Chester Henrico de Cestria Henry of Chester
Defendant Gilchrist of Tartraven Gillecrist of Rathtreuin Gillecrist of Tartraven
Plaintiff Adam of Glen Adam de Glen Adam of Glen
Defendant John of Mar, baillie of Linlithgow Johannem de Maar John of Mar 1296 × 1296
named person (transaction) Archibald of Livingston, knight Archiobaldum de Levingestone Archibald of Livingstone 1296 × 1304
Litigant William son of Andrew Willelmus filius Andree William son of Andrew
Litigant Gregory Schite Gregorius Schite Gregory Schite
Litigant William Battle Willelmus Batele William Battle
Litigant Richard of Slingsby Ricardus de Slengeby Richard of Slingsby
Litigant Robert Crine Robertus Crine Robert Crine
Litigant John of Mold Johannes de Molde John of Mold
Litigant Patrick Tod Patricius Tod Patrick Tod
Litigant William of the Green Willelmus de le Grene William of the green
Litigant William of Stirling, knight Willelmus de Strivelin Sir William of Stirling 1282 × 1296
Litigant Richard son of Brice Ricardus filius Bricii Richard son of Brice
Litigant William of the Forth Willelmus de le Forthe William of the Forth
Litigant Diana, lardiner Diana le Lardenere Diana the lardner
Litigant Henry Frere Henricus Frere Henry Brother
Litigant Unknown, daughter of Alan Sergeand filia Alan Serjaunt daughter of Alan Sergeant
Litigant Serlo Wishart Serle Gichard Serlo Wishart
Litigant William Cissor (Linlithgow) Willelmus Cissor William Cissor (the tailor)
Litigant John Rat Johannes Rat John Rat
Litigant William Batt Willelmus Bati William Batt
Litigant Henry Solor Henricus Solor Henry Solor
Litigant John of Ashby Johannes de Esseby John of Ashby
Litigant John Black (Linlithgow) Johannes Blak John Black 1305 × 1305
Litigant Walter Renauh Walterus Renauh Walter Renauh
Litigant John Manton Johannes Manton John [of] Manton
Litigant William of Cornhall Willelmus de Cornal William of Cornhall
Litigant Margaret Bennemore Margareta Bennemore Margaret Bennemore
Litigant Christiana or Christina of Edinburgh Christina de Edenbourge Christina of Edinburgh
Pledge Thomas of Houghton, master, engineer, carpenter Thomas de Houhtone Master Thomas of Houghton
Pledge Adam of Tynedale (14C) Adam de Tyndale Adam of Tynedale
Litigant Adam de Glasham, master Adam de Glasham Adam of Glasham
Litigant Robert, master, engineer Robertum le Engynor Robert the engineer
named person (transaction) Men of ‘Levenoths’ hominis de Levenoths men of Levenoths