People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Confirmation of various named aristocratic gifts to St Andrews Priory

Type of Transaction
From Source
1/6/304 (RRS, ii, no. 333)
Firm date
1189 X 1195
Dating Notes
Appointment of Hugh to chancellorship × introduction of date of time to royal acts

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Grantor William I, king of Scots (d.1214) Willelmus William king of Scots 1145 × 1213
Beneficiary St Andrews Cathedral Priory ecclesie Sancti Andree church of St Andrew 1140 × 1309

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
FIF (Fife) church of Markinch Markinch
FIF (Fife) chapel of Kettle Kettle (Kingskettle)
FIF (Fife) church of Cupar Cupar
FIF (Fife) church of Scoonie Scoonie
PER (Perthshire) church of Dull Dull
ABD (Aberdeenshire) church of St Moluoc of Tarland Tarland
FIF (Fife) church of Leuchars Leuchars
KCD (Kincardineshire) church of Conveth (Laurencekirk) Conveth
ANG (Angus) church of Tannadice Tannadice
FIF (Fife) 20 acres next to the loch Lundin
FIF (Fife) toft held by Gillemur Lundin
FIF (Fife) church of Kennoway Kennoway
FIF (Fife) Chlenoth Unmapped (FIF)
FIF (Fife) valley from cave of Mandrethin Unmapped (FIF)
FIF Pettenduem Pettenduem
FIF Petthaschen Petthaschen
FIF (Fife) fourth part of Drumchatin Drumchatin
FIF (Fife) fourth part of Fanclarathin Fanclarathin
FIF Kilmux Kilmux