People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Inquest of lands, renders and alms of Restenneth priory in time of Alexander III

Type of Transaction
From Source
1/53/233 (RMS, i, App. 1, no. 29)

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Juror Alexander of Lamberton, knight, sheriff Alexandrum de Lambirtone Lords Alexander of Lamberton 1257 × 1305
Juror Hugh of Airth, knight et Hugone de Erth and Hugh of Airth, knights 1284 × 1326
Juror David of Inverpeffer David de Inverpefer David of Inverpeffer 1296 × 1300
Juror David of Manuel David de Manuel David of Manuel 1304 × 1304
Juror Henry of Fithie Henricum de Fethy Henry of Fithie
Juror Duncan, judex (14C) Duncanum judicem Duncan the judge 1300 × 1300
Juror William de Gourlay (fl.1306) Willielmum de Gourley William de Gourlay
Juror Patrick of Stirling (14C) Patricium de Strevelyn Patrick of Stirling
Juror John de Tremblay (?), squire Johannem de Tremblay John de Tremblay 1300 × 1300
Juror Robert Tremblay (Turnbull) Robertum de Tremblay Robert de Tremblay 1281 × 1304
Juror John of Broxmouth Johannem de Brokismouth John of Broxmouth
Juror Hugh of Cramond Hugonem de Craumond Hugh of Cramond
Juror Thomas, mair (14C) Thomam marum Thomas the mair 1313 × 1313
Juror Donald, mair Dovenaldum marum Donald the mair
Juror John, son of Leon Johannem filium Leonis John, son of Leon
Juror Hugh, son of Leon Hugonem filium Leonis Hugh, son of Leon
Juror Cristin, son of John Cristinum filium Johannis Cristin, son of John
Juror Áed, mair Ego marum Áed the mair
Juror William, mair of Brechin Willelmum marum de Brechyn William, mair of Brehin
Juror Samuel of Wilton Samuelum de Wiltone Samuel of Wilton
Juror Richard, son of Thomas (14C) Ricardum filium Thome Richard, son of Thomas
Juror William, son of Alan Willielmum filium Alani William, son of Alan
Juror Andrew, son of Michy Andream filium Michy Andrew, son of Michy
Juror Cristin Gall Cristinum Galle Cristin Gall
Juror Roger, mair Rogerum marum Roger, mair
Juror Finlay, forester Finlaum forestarium Finlay, forester
Juror Donald of Ireland Dovenaldum de Hibernia Donald of Ireland
Juror Adam Stowe Adam Stowe Adam Stowe
Juror Martin of Kettins Martinum de Ketnes Martin of Kettins
Juror Laurence of Lour Laurentium de Lure Laurence of Lour
Juror John, barber, burgess of Montrose Johannem Barb' de Monros John Barber of Montrose 1304 × 1305
Juror Cristin, chapman Cristinum chepman Cristin, chapman
Juror Andrew, porter of Forfar Andream Porter de Forfar Andrew, porter of Forfar
Juror William Scott Willielmum Scot William Scot
Juror Henry Oglach Henricum Oglach Henry Oglach