People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Seal-Matrix: Clement, bishop of Dunblane (d.1258)

Clement, bishop of Dunblane (d.1258)
Matrix Shape
pointed oval
Image description (obverse)
Single-sided seal. The bishop is depicted in profile to *sinister*, wearing embroidered vestments and a mitre, with his right hand raised in benediction whilst his left holds a crozier. He is standing on an inverted crescent, with a crescent on the *dexter* and a star of six points wavy on the *sinister*.
Image description (reverse)
Legend (obverse)
SIGIL’ CLEMENTIS DEI GRACIA DUNBLEINENSIS EPI (“Seal of Clement, by the grace of God, bishop of Dunblane”)
Legend (reverse)
Dimensions: 2 5/8 × 1 5/8 in. (cf. Greenwell and Blair's slightly different measurement of 73 × 41 mm.) SW I, p.136. Durham 3602.