People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Seal-Matrix: Adam of Kilconquhar, earl of Carrick (d.1271)

Adam of Kilconquhar, earl of Carrick (d.1271)
Matrix Shape
Image description (obverse)
Single-sided seal depicting a woman in long flowing garments, with a *pennon* decorated with a cross in her left hand, and a shield in her right. The shield bears arms of three *cinquefoils*, probably for Carrick, and is being presented to a knight whose arms are outstretched; the armorial design is replicated on the *caparisons* of the horse.
Image description (reverse)
Legend (obverse)
S’ ADE DE K[LCONCATH MIL]ITIS (“Seal of Adam of Kilconquhar, knight”).
Legend (reverse)
The legend suggests that this was in use prior to Adam becoming earl. Dimensions: 1 in. diameter. SW III, p.441.