People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Seal-Matrix: Burgh of Aberdeen (common seal)

Burgh of Aberdeen
Matrix Shape
Image description (obverse)
Single-sided seal depicting a castle with stone walls, a central portal and three towers with a pointed tiled roof, each tower decorated with a cross.
Image description (reverse)
Legend (obverse)
SIGILLVM DE COMMVNI ABIRDO[NENSIS] (“Common seal of Aberdeen”).
Legend (reverse)
Dimensions: 2 9/16 in. diameter. SW I, p.52. Stevenson and Wood date this seal to 1357, its earliest extant use, but Laing, Supplemental descriptive catalogue, nos. 1197 and 1198, suggests that the matrix could have been in use much earlier, although he wrongly describes this seal as the burgh’s counterseal. The same also applies to the burgh’s counterseal, incorrectly described by Stevenson and Wood as the reverse of this seal.