People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Seal-Matrix: Burgh of Elgin

Burgh of Elgin
Matrix Shape
Image description (obverse)
This single-sided seal depicts St. Giles standing full-face with *nimbus*; he holds a book in his right hand and a crozier in his left, and wears a cross around his neck. Above is the inscription SCS EGIDIVS (“St. Giles”), reversed.
Image description (reverse)
Legend (obverse)
S’ COMMVNE CIVITATIS DE HELGYN (“Common seal of the community of Elgin”).
Legend (reverse)
Other features: beaded borders. Dimensions: 1 5/8 in. diameter. SW I, p.63. Note: the date at which this copper matrix was struck is unknown. Its earliest extant impression dates to 1296, and it was apparently still in use in 1596.