People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Seal-Matrix: Burgh of Perth

Burgh of Perth
Matrix Shape
Image description (obverse)
An arcade of five pointed and *trefoiled* arches; the central arches is slightly larger than the others. All are *pinnacled* and *crocketed*, and rest on six slender shafts. Saint John the Baptist with *nimbus* and holding the *Agnus Dei* stands in the centre, flanked on either side with two kneeling monks. Below the floor are two *wyverns* with their tails *nowed*.
Image description (reverse)
The beheading of Saint John the Baptist before the daughter of Herodias, under a Gothic edifice with a *pinnacled* roof and *trefoiled* arches.
Legend (obverse)
S’ COMVNITATIS VILLE SANCTI IOHANNIS BAPTISTE DE PERTH (“Seal of the council/community of the town of Saint John the Baptist, Perth”)
Legend (reverse)
Identical to the obverse, except the “P” in Perth is rendered “B” on the reverse.
Shape: round. Dimensions: 3 ¼ in. diameter. SW I, p.76. First seal of the burgh of Perth, in use in the thirteenth century, perhaps as early as 1209.