People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Malcolm, son of Malcolm son of Roger

Medieval Name
Máel Coluim
Modern Gaelic Name
Maol Caluim
Either Malcolm or his father is probably the king’s sergeant (with lands of Kirkton (?), Cambusbarron, ‘Sceot’ and ‘Buthcadroch’) mentioned in a 1215 settlement anent Cambuskenneth’s lands (4/32/26; Camb. Reg., no. 118). This also mentions Hugh Parcur as having land next to the ‘Fulech’. This name could be related to the ‘Falleninch’ near Cambusbarron today (?). If this is true, then the land in question would be south of the Forth, and the ‘Fuleche’ burn would be the Raploch Burn. I wonder if this individual could be the same as Malcolm, the king’s esquire or armour-bearer (3/215/1), who had land in Linlithgow.
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