People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Olaf I, king of the Isles (

Medieval Name
Olaf (Óláfr)
1134 × 1143
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Date Short Summary Role Witnesses Source
unavailable Liberty of electing a bishop of the Isles Grantor 2/136/2 (Mon. Insula Manniae, ii, 21-4)
unavailable Gift of ‘Carneclet’ (Carvecset?), villas of ‘Thorefil Asser’ (Thorkel, Kirk Michael), Great Melan, ‘St Melii’ (Kirk Malew), and ‘Narwe’, and ‘Stainredale’ (Stamerdale?), St ‘Corebric’ (Corebrie?) and ‘Fragerwl’ (?Fagerul) Grantor 2/128/6 (Mon. Insula Manniae, ii, 8-12)
1134 Concession of right of election of bishops of the Isles to Furness Abbey Grantor Eudo, abbot of Furness; Fin; Gill'; Gill', prior of Furness; Hugh, priest (Furness); John, son of Macmars; Snetol, son of Cutello; Thurkil, son of Fugl; W., monk (Furness); William, priest (Furness) 1/13/1 (Furness C.B., ii, pt. III, no. 1)
1134 X 5 Feb. 1140 Request to ratify right of election of bishop of Isles, given to monks of Furness Addressor 1/13/2 (Furness C.B., ii, pt. III, no. 2)
1143 X 29 Jun. 1153 Request of consecration of Nicholas, bishop-elect of the Isles Addressor 1/13/3 (Furness C.B., ii, pt. III, no. 3)
1152 X 1158 Concession of liberty to elect pontiff (i.e. bishop) of the Isles Sicut Clause 1/14/1 (Furness C.B., ii, pt. III, no. 4)
1188 X 1190 Renewal of possessions and liberties Sicut Clause Cospatric, son of Henry; Dermot, archdeacon of Man (fl.1188×1226); Donald, son of Kerald; Jocelin, abbot of Rushen (Man); John of Ripon, master; Malcolm, chaplain (Man); Rory, brother of King Ragnvald; William, chaplain of Dalton 1/15/1 (Furness C.B., ii, pt. III, no. 5)
1188 × 1190 ? Gift of possessions and liberties Grantor 1/15/1 (Furness C.B., ii, pt. III, no. 5)