People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Olaf I, king of the Isles (

Medieval Name
Olaf (Óláfr)
1134 × 1143
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Date Short Summary Role Witnesses Source
unavailable Gift of ‘Carneclet’ (Carvecset?), villas of ‘Thorefil Asser’ (Thorkel, Kirk Michael), Great Melan, ‘St Melii’ (Kirk Malew), and ‘Narwe’, and ‘Stainredale’ (Stamerdale?), St ‘Corebric’ (Corebrie?) and ‘Fragerwl’ (?Fagerul) Grantor 2/128/6 (Mon. Insula Manniae, ii, 8-12)
unavailable Liberty of electing a bishop of the Isles Grantor 2/136/2 (Mon. Insula Manniae, ii, 21-4)
1134 Concession of right of election of bishops of the Isles to Furness Abbey Grantor Eudo, abbot of Furness; Fin; Gill'; Gill', prior of Furness; Hugh, priest (Furness); John, son of Macmars; Snetol, son of Cutello; Thurkil, son of Fugl; W., monk (Furness); William, priest (Furness) 1/13/1 (Furness C.B., ii, pt. III, no. 1)
1134 X 5 Feb. 1140 Request to ratify right of election of bishop of Isles, given to monks of Furness Addressor 1/13/2 (Furness C.B., ii, pt. III, no. 2)
1143 X 29 Jun. 1153 Request of consecration of Nicholas, bishop-elect of the Isles Addressor 1/13/3 (Furness C.B., ii, pt. III, no. 3)
1152 X 1158 Concession of liberty to elect pontiff (i.e. bishop) of the Isles Sicut Clause 1/14/1 (Furness C.B., ii, pt. III, no. 4)
1188 X 1190 Renewal of possessions and liberties Sicut Clause Cospatric, son of Henry; Dermot, archdeacon of Man (fl.1188×1226); Donald, son of Kerald; Jocelin, abbot of Rushen (Man); John of Ripon, master; Malcolm, chaplain (Man); Rory, brother of King Ragnvald; William, chaplain of Dalton 1/15/1 (Furness C.B., ii, pt. III, no. 5)
1188 × 1190 ? Gift of possessions and liberties Grantor 1/15/1 (Furness C.B., ii, pt. III, no. 5)