People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Walter Edgar, son of Patrick Edgar

1279 × 1279
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Date Short Summary Role Witnesses Source
3 Aug. 1251 X 6 May 1279 Gift of Easter Cultmalundie (PER) Beneficiary Alan Long; Gilla Fáeláin, judex (PER); Henry, son of Malise steward of Strathearn; John of Ireland (mid13C); John of Lunsford; Malcolm Butler (de Pincerna); Malcolm Murray, knight; Nicholas Hay (I), lord of Errol (son of Gilbert) (d.1305/6); Philip Oliphant, knight (13C); R., bishop of Dunkeld (Richard of Inverkeithing or Robert de Stuteville); Robert Cameron of Baledgarno; Robert of Cramond; Robert of Pitcairn; William Murray, son of Malcolm Murray, knight (TRA3); William of Fordell, judex of Perth; William of Pitcairn; William Oliphant, knight (d.1313) 3/516/4 (RRS, vi, no. 422)
7 May 1273 X 6 May 1279 Gift of land of Wester Cultmalundie (PER) Beneficiary Christian de l'Isle, sheriff of Perth; Geoffrey de Mowbray, justiciar of Lothian; Henry of Stickley; Philip Oliphant, knight (13C); Thomas Flather; Weland of Stickley [Stikelaw], clerk of king's chamber (fl.1279-1305); William de Mowbray, rector of Methven; William Murray, son of Malcolm Murray, knight (TRA3); William Oliphant, knight (d.1313) 3/516/5 (RRS, vi, no. 423)
6 May 1279 Confirmation of donation made by Gilbert of Ruthven Beneficiary Patrick (III), earl of Dunbar (d.1289); Simon Fraser (III) (d.1291×92); William Sinclair (d.1299×1303) 1/8/117 (RRS, iv, no. 120)
6 May 1279 X Gift made by Gilbert of Ruthven, knight Beneficiary 1/8/117 (RRS, iv, no. 120)