People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Nicholas of Heton, dean of Moray (fl.1253-55)

Watt and Murray, Fasti, 284: Master Nicholas was given a provision from Pope Innocent IV to the deanery of Moray, and won the litigation against Andrew de Dunn on 19 December 1253. He occurs on 22 June 1254, and his office was confirmed against by Alexander IV between 20 December 1254 and 22 December 1255. Watt, Graduates, 262-3: Nicholas was a master of arts by July 1251 and in February 1253/4 he wanted to pursue studies in theology or canon law, at which time he was granted an indult to remain unordained for five more years. He was vicar of Tarves (ABD) for some time before this date, perhaps since 4 August 1250. His successor as dean appears on 11 April 1260 or 13 April 1263, so Nicholas's date of death was probably 30 April 1260×13 April 1263.
1251 × 1254
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