People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Saint Nicholas

1227 × 1278
Grantor Beneficiary relationships
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Date Short Summary Role Witnesses Source
9 Feb. 1227 Quitclaim of army, aid and forinsec service due from a certain ploughgate of land Beneficiary David Comyn, lord of Kilbride (d.1247); Malcolm Bisset; Michael Scott, son of Malothen (1230s); Robert, king's chaplain (TRA2); Thomas of Stirling, clerk, archdeacon of Glasgow (d.1227); Walter Bisset (13C); William Comyn, earl of Buchan (d.1233) 1/7/132 (RRS, iii, no. 129)
Mar. 1227 X 1230 Gift of land of Inverorkel (MOR) to have a house for the reception of paupers Beneficiary Andrew Murray, bishop of Moray (d.1242); Henry, master, treasurer, chancellor of Moray; Hugh Green ; Nicholas de Urcane ; Nicholas, vicar of Ruthven; Ranulf, archdeacon of Moray; Simon, persona of Dundurcas ; William, brother of Bishop Richard (of Moray); William, subdean of Moray (fl.1227x30) 3/473/6 (Moray Reg., no. 106)
4 Sept. 1230 X 26 Jul. 1232 Gift of the church of Rothes (MOR) Beneficiary Andrew of Binnie, canon of Moray/Elgin; Edward Murray, master, canon, bishop's clerk; John Hollebeck, canon of Moray; Ralph, chaplain of Bishop Andrew of Moray; Ranulf, archdeacon of Moray; Richard Murray, precentor of Moray (fl.1226-30); Robert, canon of Moray; Robert, treasurer of Moray (fl.1230-63); Simon (de Gunby), bishop of Moray (d.1251); Simon of Orby, serviens of bishop of Moray; William, bishop of Argyll (d.1241); William, canon of Moray, master 2/8/26 (Moray Reg., no. 113)
7 Oct. 1232 X 17 Dec. 1242 Gift of land of Aikenway (MOR) Beneficiary Andrew Murray, bishop of Moray (d.1242); Edward Murray, master, canon, bishop's clerk; Michael of Smailholm; Robert of Cockburn, serviens; Stephen, serviens; Walter Murray of Duffus (son of Hugh); William Murray, canon of Moray (fl.1223×30); William, canon of Moray, master 3/414/4 (Moray Reg., no. 108)
6 Dec. 1238 X circa 1263 Gift of church of Rothes (MOR) Beneficiary Adam, son of Robert ; Henry, chaplain of Muriel of Rothes; Matthew of Elgin, canon of Moray; Robert of Pollok (mid-13C); William of Aston, canon of Moray; William, dispenser (MOR); William, vicar of Dundurcus 3/427/3 (Moray Reg., no. 112)
3 Nov. 1278 Grant of toft in villa of West Reston (BWK) Beneficiary 2/84/28 (ND, App., no. 548)