People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

William of Cramond, master, son of Simon

Watt, Graduates, 118: William was the son of Simon, son of Nicholas and may have taken his name from the MLO lands of Cramond only when he came to hold lands there in chief. He is first found in 1278. Laurence of Cramond appears to have been his illegitimate son and heir. The text is not clear and it appears that it actually refers to an illegitimate daughter of William Cramond, who married this Laurence. He was Master by May 1278 and also held the church of 'Wynchedurris' (DMF) by 1296 (appears to be called 'Eweddors' in 1274-80), also known as St Mark or St Martin in Ewesdale, Ewes-Duris of the Over Kirk of Eews. He was also a clerk of the king's wardrobe and after 1286 he is found as a clerk of chamberlain of Scotland. He was certainly dead by 1335-7, and probably by 1329, though his church was thought to be vacant by 1319.
1296 × 1296
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Date Short Summary Role Source
1275 X 1296 Land held of king (in Cramond?) Neighbouring landholder 2/71/19 (Dunf. Reg., no. 324)
1275 X 1296 Lands held of Dunfermline in Clermiston (MLO) Holder (possession) 2/71/19 (Dunf. Reg., no. 324)