People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Place: PEB (Peeblesshire) >> Hamildean

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
unavailable Gift of land of ‘Scrogges’ (PEB) for a half ploughgate by Hamildean (PEB) no
28 Oct. 1164 X 2 Feb. 1174 Gift of 'Scrogges' (PEB) for half ploughgate by Hamildean (PEB) yes David, son of Peter dean of Stobo; Edgar, son of Henry; Henry, brother of Richard deacon of Peebles; Norman Belloc; Peter, dean of Clydesdale and Stobo (fl.1175×95); Ralph, brother of Robert Skide; Richard, deacon of Peebles; Robert Skide ; Simon, brother of Bishop Ingram; Uhting, son of Norman Belloc; William, clerk (Glasgow 12C)
2 Nov. 1208 X 19 Oct. 1216 Grant of land of Scrogges (PEB) for half ploughgate near Hamildean (PEB) yes Adam, chaplain of Bishop Walter of Glasgow; Adam, marischal of Bishop Walter of Glasgow; Arnold, chaplain of Loquariot; Augustine, man of Robert of Lyne; Elias (Glasgow/PEB); Geoffrey, doorward of Bishop Walter of Glasgow; Gilbert de Arches ; Hamo, cook; Hervey, chaplain of Soutra; Hervey, pantler of Bishop Walter of Glasgow; Hugh Conoc ; Hugh, clerk of Soutra; John (Glasgow/PEB); John of Huntingdon, master, official of Glasgow (fl.1179×1208); Malcolm, brother of Waltheof the persona; Patrick of Cranston; Richard Tuschard ; Robert de Crag, canon of Glasgow; Robert of Tynedale, treasurer of Glasgow (fl.1223-35); Robert, chaplain of Lyne; Robert, chaplain of Soutra; Simon of Scrogges, son of Robert; Udard (Glasgow/PEB); Uhting Murray; Uhting, brother of Simon of Scrogges; Waltheof, champion (PEB); Waltheof, persona of Keith; Warin, master of Soutra; Warin, steward, butler of Bishop Walter (Glasgow); William de Walpole ; William of Ainslie, steward and clerk of Bishop Walter; William of Ednam, master, archdeacon of Dunkeld (d.1251×57); William of Tynedale (early13C); William Staggard ; William, brother of Simon of Scrogges