People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Place: SCOTLAND >> Lennox

Note the earldom of Lennox is split between Dunbartonshire and Stirlingshire.

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
unavailable Concession of earldom of Lennox in free forest no
unavailable Gift of a saltpan in the land of Lennox and fishing rights in Gareloch (DNB) no
unavailable Resignation all land of 'Ardeureane' and 'Ardenalochreth' (DNB) no
1178 X 1182 Gift of earldom of Lennox and various properties yes Alan Stewart, son of Walter (d.1204); Andrew, bishop of Caithness (d.1184); Colbán, earl of Buchan; Duncan (II), earl of Fife (d.1204); Gilbert or Gilla Brigte, earl of Strathearn (d.1223); Gilla Brigte, earl of Angus (d.×1189); Hugh, bishop of St Andrews (d.1188); Jocelin, bishop of Glasgow (d.1199); Malcolm (I), earl of Fife (d.1229); Malcolm, earl of Atholl (d.c.1197); Matthew, bishop of Aberdeen (d.1199); Patrick (I), earl of Dunbar (d.1232); Ralph de Vere; Ranulf (II) Soulis (d.1207); Richard (I) de Munfichet (Muschet); Richard de Moreville (d.1189 or 1190); Robert de Quincy (d.1200x01); Simon de Tosny, bishop of Moray (d.1184); Walter Oliphant (I), justice; Waltheof, earl of Dunbar (d.1182); William de Moreville (d.1196); William Hay (I), lord of Errol (d.c.1201); William Lindsay (II) (d.c.1205)
1222 X 12 Mar. 1251 Gift of a saltpan in Lennox and the draught of salmon nets throughout Gareloch (DNB) yes Alexander of Smailholm, clerk; Máel Domnaig, earl of Lennox (d. by 1265); Ralph, king's chaplain (TRA2); Roger of Linton, steward of Paisley, vicar of Killellan; Roger, vicar of Kilbarchan; Simon Fleming, son of Simon, son of Bertolf; Thomas Calkel; William, son of Bede
Jan. 1224 X 1233 Gift of fourth part of Drumry in Lennox (DNB) yes Philip of Meldrum/Feodarg, knight; Ralph Pantulf; Robert de Montfort; Robert Mowat, knight, justiciar, sheriff of Forfar; Roger, clerk (Buchan); Walter Comyn, earl of Menteith (d.1258); Walter, abbot of Deer (d.1234); Walter, clerk (earls of Buchan); William Comyn, clerk, son of Earl William
28 Jul. 1238 Succession to earldom of Lennox yes Adam of Harcarse, abbot of Melrose (d.1245); Alan Durward (d.1275); Alexander Douglas, sheriff of Elgin, serviens of the bishop of Moray; Clement, bishop of Dunblane (d.1258); Geoffrey de Liberatione, bishop of Dunkeld (d.1249); John Hay (I), lord of Naughton (d.×Oct.1266); John Maxwell, chamberlain, sheriff of Roxburgh (d.1241); Patrick (II), earl of Dunbar (d.1248); Richard Uvieth; Robert of Roos (III) of Wark (d.c.1270); Thomas Hay (son of William); W. Soulis; Walter Bisset (13C); Walter Oliphant, justiciar of Lothian (son of Walter) (d.1242); Walter Stewart (II), son of Alan (d.1241); William of Roos of Hamelake (d.1264)
25 Mar. 1239 X 27 Mar. 1239 * Gift (agreement) of confirmation of lands yes
10 Sept. 1239 * Gift (agreement) of rent of 20 marks annually with two lodgings in Strathgryf and Lennox yes
1286 X 19 Jul. 1333 Gift of all land of 'Ardeureane' and 'Ardenalochreth' (?) yes Arthur Galbraith; Donald Galbraith of Kilbride ; Duncan, son of Patrick mac Eadwulf (MacEdolf); Eugenius (Ewen) of Garchell; John of Arrat, clerk; John of Luss; Mauricius (Murdoch) of Buchanan
14 Jul. 1321 Gift of earldom of Lennox and sheriffdom of Dumbarton (DNB) yes David Lindsay (IV) of Crawford, knight (d. x1357); Duncan (IV), earl of Fife (d.1353); Gilbert Hay (II), lord of Errol, constable (d.1333); John of Menteith (I), knight ; Robert Keith, marischal (d.1343); Robert of Lauder, justiciar of Lothian; Walter Stewart (III) (d.1327)
unavailable Concession of freedom from exactions no
13 Dec. 1223 Concession of suit of 14 davochs of land (named) yes
20 Jul. 1364 Command to maintain and defend Paisley abbey in liberties yes
1286 X 19 Jul. 1333 Gift of office which is called tosheagor (i.e. heritable baillie) of Lennox and office of forester of Lennox yes Alan of Faslane; John of Buchanan; John, napier (DNB); Mauricius (Murdoch) Galbraith; Patrick Galbraith, steward
20 Apr. 1304 Gift of sergeanty in Lennox yes

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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
X 28 Sept. 1308 Earldom of Lennox (DMF) Malcolm (II), earl of Lennox (d.1333)
28 Jul. 1238 Earldom of Lennox Alwine (II), earl of Lennox
1286 X 19 Jul. 1333 Forest of Lennox (DNB) Malcolm (I) or (II), earl of Lennox
1300 X Jun. 1320 Lands in Lennox (DNB) Patrick Graham (I), knight (d.1296)