People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 1/54/236 (RRS, vi, no. 222)

David, king of Scots, to venerable father John, bishop of Moray, noting the complaint by the bishop and his dean and canons of Moray that the salaries of the perpetual chaplains founded by the king's predecessors and by the late Thomas Randolph, earl of Moray, the king's relative, have been impeded by successive lords of the lands of Moray; also the the teinds of fines and escheats of pleas or the justiciar ayre held by his justiciars whether royal or regality in which the church of Moray, as well as timber of woods and forests within the earldom which had been assigned by his predecessors for the uses of the church of Moray, also taking into account certain alms of the friars preachers of Elgin and Inverness. The king instructs and commands the bishop to use any method of ecclesiastical censure against these lords regarding these matters.
Firm date
12 August 1359
Dating Notes
12 August, regnal year 30
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Source for Data Entry
RRS, vi, no. 222
Trad. ID
RRS, vi, no. 222
Calendar number
Charter type
Letter (administrative)
cartulary copy: Moray Reg., no. 140

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
unavailable Concession of teinds of royal justice in earldom of Moray no
12 Aug. 1359 Command to use ecclesiastical censure yes

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Date Short Summary Title Holder
12 Aug. 1359 king of Scots David II, king of Scots (d. 1371)
12 Aug. 1359 bishop of Moray John of Pilmore, bishop of Moray (1326-62)
12 Aug. 1359 earl of Moray Thomas Randolph, earl of Moray (d. 1332)