People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 1/54/319 (RMS, i, no. 108)

David, king of Scots, noting that the late Malcolm Fleming, earl of Wigtown, gave the lands of Kilsyth (STL) heritably to Robert de la Valle, and that Robert's daughter and heir Margaret died in England, and with no heirs in his kingdom (Scotland), and the land fell to the king's hands, at the instance of his beloved and special Robert Erskine knight, considering that Christiana of Callendar daughter of Patrick of Callendar has the best claim, he now gives William of Livingston and Christiana of Callendar his spouse, all the land of Kilsyth (STL), in the sheriffdom of Dunbarton, to be held by them, whichever lives longer, and their lawfully procreated heirs, and failing that, by Christina's heirs, of the king and of the chief lord of the feu, in feu and heritage, for service owed and wont.
Firm date
13 October 1362
Dating Notes
13 Oct., regnal year 33
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Source for Data Entry
RMS, i, no. 108
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RMS, i, no. 108
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Document type notes
Registered: _RMS_, i, app. 2, no. 1414

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
unavailable Gift of Kilsyth (STL) no
13 Oct. 1362 Gift of Kilsyth (STL) yes

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Date Short Summary Title Holder
13 Oct. 1362 king of Scots David II, king of Scots (d. 1371)
13 Oct. 1362 earl of Wigtown Malcolm Fleming, earl of Wigtown (d. 1357x62)
13 Oct. 1362 knight Robert Erskine, chamberlain