People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 1/54/328 (RRS, vi, no. 283)

David, king of Scots, has approved, ratified and confirmed that donation which the late John Randolph, earl of Moray, made to John of Urwell of the lands of Sanquhar, Tulloch and Drumine (MOR) and the custory of the forest of the same; holding by Andrew of Urwell, son of John of Urwell, in feu and heritage, as contained in his letter of confirmation to John his father, in which confirmation it stated that were Earl John to die without a male heir, the said John (of Urwell) and his heirs would have the said lands and wardship in perpetuity as if the earl had procreated a male heir; rendering to the king and his heirs what he was held to render to the earl in the original charter, as well as the service owed and wont.
Firm date
24 December 1362
Dating Notes
24 Dec., regnal year 33
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RRS, vi, no. 283
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RRS, vi, no. 283
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Registered: _RMS_, i, no. 119; app. 2, no. 1426
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NLS, Dep. 175; HMC, vi, 687

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