People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 1/54/437 (RRS, vi, no. 338)

David, king of Scots, noting that his beloved and faithful Walter Oliphant, in his full council at Perth on the 11th of January, AD 1364 [sic: 1365] in the presence of the prelates and nobles and other faithful men, resigned the lands of Turin (ANG) and Drimmie (ANG) in the sheriffdom of Forfar, by staff and baton, gives the aforesaid Walter for his good service, and to Elizabeth, his spouse, the king's beloved sister, the aforesaid lands of Turin and Drimmie; holding by Walter and Elizabeth and their heirs procreated between them, or their assigns, namely children whether male or female, and failing that, to whichever of Walter's true and legitimate heirs and their assigns, in one free and integral barony, in feu and heritage, with pit and gallows, toll, team and infangenthef, with the tenancies and services of freeholders, with bondsmen and bondages and neyfs and their offspring, with mills and multures, with smithies and brewhouses; rendering at Drimmie on Christmas, one penny as blanchferme, if requested, and three suits of court at his chief pleas of Forfar, for ward, relief and marriages.
Firm date
28 February 1365
Dating Notes
last day of February, regnal year 35
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RRS, vi, no. 338
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RRS, vi, no. 338
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Records of the Parliaments of Scotland: RPS 1365/1/2
printed in APS, i, 526, no. 28, from a lost original

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