People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/39/25 (Cold. Corr., App., xcii)

[COLDINGHAM EXTENT CONT.] FLEMINGTON (BWK): Chief residence is waste. John Ridel holds two ploughgates of land in demesne with the chief residence of John of Restalrig; 14 acres making an oxgang, and a ploughgate worth 20s. There are 15 tofts of husbandmen, to which belong three ploughgates and six oxgangs of land, worth 5s per oxgang. There are eight cottages above the sea, to which belong 24 acres, worth 16s per year. FREEMEN, because they are at peace and saised: John of Badby holds two tofts and three oxgangs of land, paying rent to the Prior of Coldingham 18d per year. William of Hilton held one toft and one ploughgate of land from J. Ridel by service, 5s yearly, nothing to the Prior. The nuns of Berwick hold three oxgangs of land from J. Ridel. Nothing paid to the Prior. Matthew of Redman holds one toft and one oxgang of land, which William of Lamberton had from J. Ridel. Nothing paid to the Prior, and each oxgang worth 5s. Memorandum that John of Restalrig held the aforesaid toun of the Prior of Coldingham in chief for 36 shillings, and owes homage and suit. Sum total 10 pounds, 17 shillings, and 6 pence.
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circa 1298
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Cold. Corr., App., xcii
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Cold. Corr., App., xcii
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