People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/39/32 (Cold. Corr., App., xcix-c)

[COLDINGHAM EXTENT CONT.]: OLD CAMBUS (BWK): The Prior has his manor with two ploughgates of land in demesne; 8 oxgangs making a ploughgate; 13 acres an oxgang: worth 22s 4d per ploughgate. There are 7 acres of meadow, of which four acres can be mowed every year, worth 6d per acre, and there are three acres that cannot be mowed. Separate pasture worth 13s 4d yearly. A quantity of wood and waste to be ignored. And there is a separate peatary for fuel for the manor. Heath worth 2s. Mill worth 53s 4d. And there is a church, which is in the hand of the Master of Farne in proprios usos. There are 30 oxgangs of land, of which 22 oxgangs are worth 2s 6d each, and 8 oxgangs are in the hand of Thomas of Bamburgh and pay no rent. There are ten cottages in waste, with each cottage worth 6d. And there are four cottages, each worth 15d yearly. One toft with an acree and 'le Delves' with brewhouse worth 8s yearly. One toft with three acres of land worth 3s yearly. One toft with 20 acres of land worth 18d yearly. Smith's cottage with one acre of land worth 18d yearly. Brewhouse and bakehouse with one acre worth 13s 4d yearly. Common kiln paying nothing to the Prior. Common brewhouse worth 2s yearly. The Wife of Adam of Lamberton held one toft with two acres and a half of land, worth 5s yearly: to be inquired as to forfeiture. John For' had one toft and one oxgang of land, worth 18d yearly: forfeited. Matthew Crak had one toft and one oxgang worth 18d: inquest needed. Nicholas of Badby held one toft and one oxgang worth 18d: inquest needed. Master Robertson held one toft and one oxgang worth 18d: inquest needed. Sum total: 13 pounds, 2s 8d.
Firm date
circa 1298
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Cold. Corr., App., xcix-c
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Cold. Corr., App., xcix-c
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